DoJ IG Will Probe Potential Weaponization of the FISA Court


The Department of Justice Inspector General will investigate potential FISA Court [FISC or Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] abuses in the Clinton-Obama-laden court which operates in secret with no oversight or accountability.

It is a big deal but we need more than this. The FISA Court might have been used illicitly or the judges might have been complicit in abuses. One of the judges is a friend of the texting lovers, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. The warrants appear to have been obtained, or partially obtained, using an unverified dossier, an alcohol-fueled conversation with a small-time aide, and newspaper articles based on the unverified gossip that made up the dossier.

If this were a Bush-Trump court, it should still be looked into. In fact, it should be dramatically changed. There should be someone providing oversight or it should be dissolved, preferably dissolved.

We Must Accept a Special Counsel on Trump But Not on the Other Potential Criminals

The probe into Donald Trump and his family began as — ostensibly — an investigation of Russian meddling into the election. We heard Democrats lie repeatedly and say the Russians hacked the election. Russians did not hack anything although they allegedly tried on three occasions. There were also reports of the Obama DoD trying to hack into state machines which no one talks about.

The Clinton-Obama team started accusing Trump of stealing the election from day one. Democrats would not accept that Trump won since Hillary had been ordained. Then the FBI/DoJ and others ran with it.

All that casts doubt on their intentions in this probe into Trump.

It is hard to take the probe seriously or see it as anything more than a witch hunt when it begins with a lie and Adam Schiff, a liar, partisan, and exaggerator, is the spokesperson. How do you take it seriously when it goes so completely off into every imaginable corridor looking for collusion and obstruction? It is almost impossible to take it seriously when Mueller unabashedly and arrogantly hires committed Democrats and a man like Andrew Weissman to investigate.

What makes this all the more difficult to accept is that there is no Special Counsel for all the crimes Hillary actually did commit or for the many seemingly corrupt officials in the top echelon of Obama’s agencies. The leaking, the lies, the texts, all show there is something there.

FISC Finally Comes Under Some Scrutiny

Finally, we have the IG investigating possible abuses by the FISA court. It is too little.

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General appears to be a figurehead with the real AG actually being a friend of the potential leakers and lawbreakers. In fact, Rod Rosenstein, the real AG is involved in the FISA court abuses.

The only one fired so far is Andrew McCabe. Why do Page, Ohr, Strzok, and the others still have security clearances? Members of the last administration still have security clearances, why?

Some potentially guilty parties have retired, but should they have been allowed to retire without a probe?

Why is there no Special Counsel to look into all of this? Hey, Sessions, do your job. Unrecuse yourself or hire another Special Counsel or do something equal to what you are letting be done to Trump.

We should be grateful something is being done and the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz is allegedly an honorable man. However, he can’t prosecute and he can’t interview anyone who doesn’t currently work at the DoJ. This probe is something, it’s important, but it is not good enough.

All the probes into Democrats could conceivably go on until Democrats are back in office. If that happens, we will go back to mass corruption and the mass politicization/weaponization of everything.

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