DOJ Opposing Any Form of New Voter ID & Any Limitations to Illegal Immigration



Off On His High, Political High That Is


Update: 12/25: On Friday, the DOJ blocked South Carolina’s voter identification law. They claim it intentionally discriminates against minority voters. The only people it’s discriminating against are legitimate voters.

Original Story: Fox News reports that the DOJ [Holder] rejects South Carolina’s ID law. Oh, what a surprise! Who would have guessed it. No doubt, we will sue them also.

Of course we would not want to require people have an ID to vote, that might eliminate Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler as voters. Who could stand that outcome?

Do you know what South Carolina did that was so offensive? “South Carolina’s new voter ID law requires people casting ballots to show poll workers a state-issued driver’s license or ID card; a U.S. military ID or a U.S. passport,” Fox reports.

“Until South Carolina succeeds in substantially addressing the racial disparities described above [they claim there are racial disparities, whatever that means], however, the state cannot meet its burden of proving that, when compared to the benchmark standard, the voter identification requirements proposed … will not have a retrogressive effect,” Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez wrote Friday in a letter to the office of South Carolina’s attorney general.

As if that is not enough, law enforcement is saying that not a day goes by when the DOJ isn’t micromanaging local law enforcement looking for any possible abuse of illegal alien rights.

From the Examiner: …It appears to many  law enforcement officers that not a day goes by without Attorney General Eric Holder or the Department of Justice announcing that they are probing local law enforcement agencies in different parts of the country over allegations of a “pattern of discrimination against Latinos in violation of the U.S. Constitution.”

According to a well-respected blog for a Washington, D.C.watchdog group, this appears to be part of a much bigger Obama Administration plan to crackdown on local governments that try to curb illegal immigration. The DOJ has challenged immigration control laws in Arizona and Alabama and the administration has made it clear that it’s keeping a close eye on law enforcement agencies that may be viewed as targeting illegal aliens,according to the blogger at Judicial Watch, a non-profit, public interest group that investigates government corruption…

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