DOJ Orders Dearbornistan Public Schools to Fundamentally Transform



T-Shirt worn by Dearborn students at Edsel Ford High School to glorify 9/11.

The Department of Justice under Eric Holder has ordered a Detroit-area school, Crestwood School District in Dearborn Heights, which has a growing Arab population, to translate every communication – spoken and written – into Arabic, increase ESL – including teaching in Arabic, and they have to hire more Arab educators.

It will allow meaningful participation by students with limited English proficiency, the DOJ claims.

It will also limit assimilation, a goal of this administration.

“This is a great victory for the Arab-American community and its children to become contributing citizens in our country,” said Shereef Akeel, a Troy attorney who filed a federal complaint in 2011 on behalf of Hiam Brinjikji, a counselor in the school district who complained about the district’s neglect of Arab immigrant students.

District officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that Crestwood violated federal civil rights laws.

Civil rights law is now being translated as the U.S. having to accommodate other cultures instead of demanding assimilation.

The district will also have to engage in intense community outreach and anti-retaliation programs at their own expense. They not only have to make these costly and unreasonable accommodations, they have to like it and intimidate everyone else into liking it.

In June 2012, Debbie Schlussel warned of a new government requirement to force all communications between the Dearborn Public Schools and the parents to be conducted in Arabic to accommodate what is now a fifty percent Arab and mostly Muslim population.

The people behind the push are Palestinian Islamic terrorists and a top executive at Hezbollah TV. It is now a government requirement for Dearborn Public Schools and since it is the DOJ behind it, it’s a nationwide requirement if Arabs say it is.

Schlussel warned that “PFLP Islamic Terrorist Imad Hamad, who also committed immigration and marriage fraud and had a planned award revoked by the FBI after I (Schlussel) exposed him in a New York Post column, and his buddy, Osama Siblani, a Hezbollah supporter who has family members at the top of Al-Manar TV (and whose Arab American News is believed to be subsidized by Hezbollah money, though he gets your tax money as a “consultant” to Arab organizations that scam government grants), are behind this ridiculous decision. But they couldn’t have forced it without the help of the Obama Departments of Education and (in)Justice.

Public schools will soon look like foreign entities and the students will not have loyalty to this nation.

USA Today for more information on the latest ruling.