DoJ Received a Criminal Referral on the $600,000 Man, Andrew McCabe

Justice Department officials have submitted a criminal referral involving former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, according to The Washington Post.

The Washington Post reported: The referral to D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office occurred some time ago after the inspector general concluded McCabe had lied to investigators or his own boss, then-FBI Director James B. Comey, on four occasions, three of them under oath.

During the interviews, the IG found he lacked candor.

Additionally, McCabe was not authorized to leak the details of the investigation, according to the DoJ Inspector General.

The report from the IG said the leak was “in a manner designed to advance his personal interests at the expense of department leadership.”

One issue continually ignored is the pressure McCabe felt from an Obama-DoJ official to drop the Hillary email probe weeks before the election. Apparently the IG concluded his ego was affected but, forgetting that, why is the illicit pressure from the Obama White House being ignored?

McCabe did a lot worse than General Flynn ever did but he won’t lose all his wealth as the General did. He just raised nearly $600,000 on GoFundMe with a somewhat deceptive come-on. The fundraiser was run by his “friends” who turned out to be leftist PR firms. No surprises there, after all, he is a liar.

This is a bad day for McCabe because the IG Mike Horowitz is seen as non-partisan. It is now up to the U.S. attorney in D.C. and then up to Attorney General Sessions.

Each lie could get him put in jail for five years apiece.

Jim Comey is another one who needs to worry. He’s on a book tour admitting he leaked, and making statements that stand in direct contradiction to statements he made under oath.

The former FBI director was on Colbert’s anti-Trump “comedy” hour last night and led the ratings. His pious, pontifical spoutings were lapped by the Colbert fans. Comey thinks this is a sign of how welcomed he is throughout the country. Unfortunately for him, once his 15 minutes are up, there won’t be anyone there to support him. He turned on Loretta Lynch and Andrew McCabe and they have turned on him. Leftists don’t like him because they think he cost Hillary the election. They will drop him like burnt Tamales. Republicans already have.

He has nothing new for us. He won’t topple the President with some scathing exposé of any import unless the President’s supposed orange face is cause for impeachment.

What was interesting is he told Colbert he had more damaging information about Trump but indicated it was secret.  With $2.75 and that information you can ride a New York subway.

Comey is repeating the same things he has said from the beginning and he’s making people Comeytose as Rush would say. His blather will soon wane. Right now, all the Trump haters are on board but not for long. They don’t like him either.

Also of interest is the fact that Comey’s memos are laid out in his book. His professor friend had them too. But Congress can’t get them. Does anyone think that is in any way acceptable?



  1. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if McCabe Did inform Comey. He was going to great extents on Twitter to maintain “good graces” with McCabe when this all started. Was he protecting himself in describing McCabe. At the very beginning, before the media began their hype, he spoke of dirt on many in the FBI.

    Note this is a “criminal referral” and not a criminal indictment. The Congress also sends referrals but charges are never filed. If there is a larger ‘conspiracy’ within the DOJ I seriously doubt it will be uncovered. Only when a substantial demand for a Special Prosecutor is forthcoming will it be dealt with.

    It is the same with reports that Rosenstein says to Trump he is Not the “target” of the Mueller probe. Not being a ‘target’ does Not mean the pursuit is not there. From all the news reports of who and what is being investigated it seems there is a definite pursuit to find whether Trump or his children have any ‘association’. Note Gowdy specifically mentions Trump Jr and that meeting is sufficient cause alone for Mueller to find any and all associations. We are at a stage in the “six degrees of separation”. As a result, as some on the left say, this can go on for decades because one link leads to another, the six degrees.

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