DOJ Will Not Release Unredacted Mueller Report


Update: The Democrat-led House Judiciary voted to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt for not making public the entire Mueller report. If the AG did as the committee demanded, it would have been a violation of the law. The President has asserted Executive Privilege to keep the full report from being released as well as the underlying documents. 

“The Attorney General has been transparent and accommodating throughout this process, including by releasing the no-collusion, no-conspiracy, no-obstruction Mueller Report to the public and offering to testify before the Committee. These attempts to work with the Committee have been flatly rejected. They didn’t like the results of the report, and now they want a redo,” press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement. 


In a letter to Rep. Jerry Nadler, the Department of Justice said that they will not release the unredacted Mueller report to Congress.

The DOJ letter to Nadler says negotiations were unprofitable, and House Dems have needlessly escalated the matter. “The Attorney General will be compelled to request that the President invoke executive privilege with respect to the materials subject to the subpoena.”

As part of the negotiations, the DOJ offered to provide more people with the unredacted report. In addition, the DOJ would allow Congress to take notes and discuss them freely. That was among other accommodations. It wasn’t good enough and Nadler will not compromise although his committee is entitled to nothing.

If Trump did invoke executive privilege over the documents, it could tie up the report in a court battle for months.


Nadler’s not happy, and plans to move ahead with the contempt vote.

“The White House waived these privileges long ago, and the Department seemed open to sharing these materials with us earlier today. The Department’s legal arguments are without credibility, merit, or legal or factual basis,” Nadler said in a statement, according to The Hill.

“Worse, this kind of obstruction is dangerous. The Department’s decision reflects President Trump’s blanket defiance of Congress’s constitutionally mandated duties. In the coming days, I expect that Congress will have no choice but to confront the behavior of this lawless Administration. The Committee will also take a hard look at the officials who are enabling this cover up,” he added.

Bill Barr doesn’t have to give the grandstanding Nadler a thing, and he has given him most of the report. He was willing to give the entire report to Congress under certain conditions, but he does not want the redacted portions made public.

The law requires he keep the redacted portions secret. That’s a Democrat law.

The committee contempt vote comes today, and it will be forwarded to the full House. Democrats plan to destroy Bill Barr’s credibility if they can. This is who the ‘moral’ party is now.

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