DoJ Won’t Appoint Special Counsel for Uranium One or Any Crimes of Prior Administration


Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent Sarah Isgur Flores, Director of Public Affairs at the Department of Justice, to appear on the ‘Fox & Friends’ show Friday to say there’s no need for a Special Counsel to investigate Uranium One or any of the potential crimes of the prior administration.

Sessions doesn’t see the need.

Flores said, “There’s no conflict of interest or other extraordinary circumstances that would prevent the DOJ from probing the Uranium One deal and other Clinton scandals.”

She said the reasons for appointing a Special Counsel would require special circumstances or a conflict of interest among all possible investigators and that is not indicated at this time.

Some would question that. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is one of the people investigating but he has conflicts of interests as one who was involved in the Uranium One and the Russia bribery cases. The others involved are Jeff Sessions and Christopher Wary, none of whom instill confidence for many.

Likewise, the Special Counsel in the Trump-Russia collusion case, Robert Mueller, has many conflicts of interest, yet he has been given free rein to probe anything he wants with the most minimal oversight.

Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell told Fox News host David Asman that there are many compromised people embedded in DoJ but a Special Counsel doesn’t seem like the answer either.

“There’s an entire army of Sally Yates’s occupying headquarters at the Department of Justice. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t entirely competent, capable, ethically honest, even philosophically conservative U.S. Attorneys that would still be available as regular Department of Justice prosecutors to go after the whole Clinton Foundation.”

He added, “It’s a criminal enterprise. This is not just some wayward actors. This is literally two decades of corruption manifest in the Clinton Foundation and then their dealings like Uranium One and other things as well.”

Asman, a co-anchor of Fox Business, said, if “Elliot Ness” were found in the DOJ to investigate these cases, they’re still going to be forced to work with the obstructive systems set up by Holder, Lynch and Comey.

Farrell, the Director of Investigations & Research for Judicial Watch and a George Mason professor, explained that the choice is not a good one. We don’t really need another errant Special Counsel.

The criticism of a seemingly timid Jeff Sessions is that he has allowed Special Prosecutor Mueller to run a rogue DoJ of unelected Democrats alongside the actual DoJ.

Farrell asked, “Do you want another out of control, independent witch hunt chieftain like Mueller doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants, answerable to virtually no one or do you want the regular, normal process that has worked for more than 200 years to take place and have that prosecutor answer to Attorney General Sessions?”

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