Domestic Terror In a Premier Gay Nightclub – Suspect Was a Radical Islamist – Update



UPDATE: This is an act of radical Islamic terrorism and 50 are DEAD with another 53 are hospitalized according to law enforcement at the 10:30 press conference.

CBS News is reporting that the terrorist’s parents are from Afghanistan. His name is Omar Mateen and he is a US citizen with no criminal history. Some of his family members are not US citizens. He has made terrorist threats in the past according to Ron Hopper, special agent in charge, FBI.

He is 29 or 30 years and was married in 2009. There are photos onine but they haven’t been verified.

Mateen is a registered Democrat who has also lived in Fort Pierce, Florida, according to online records. 

ISIS has ordered attacks in the US and the EU during Ramadan.

According to Jim Hanson, a national terror and security expert who appeared on Fox & Friends at 10 a.m., more than half of Muslims worldwide believe the penalty for being gay is death according to sharia and more than half of American Muslims polled believe sharia should replace our Constitution though that doesn’t mean they all want to kill gays.

This tells us something about how they are assimilating and the fact is the left doesn’t want assimilation, they want citizens to adapt to foreigners. You can see how dangerous that will be if this continues. Saudi Arabia is funding this extreme Wahhabism to keep the people from assimilating, James Kallstrom, former FBI assistant chief said on Morning Futures Sunday morning.

LGBTs should arm themselves.

There is no such thing as “lone wolf terrorism”. As Sebastian Gorka said this morning, it’s meant to make you “stupid”. They are all tied to this ideology. We need to immediately get rid of political correctness and the politicization of Islamic terrorism. Hillary and Obama are doing the American people a grave disservice by not calling jihad and Islamic terrorism what they are.  People are dead on the floor of a nightclub and people were dead at a Christmas party in California. The immediate reaction from the left is it is gun violence or they are worried about Islamophobia. Twenty people are dead and more are not expected to survive!

An Orlando imam appeared on Fox at 10:40 and called it a tragedy and a mass shooting which have to be stopped. He told the media not to jump to conclusions.

The latest update can be found HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.


Early Sunday morning, about 50 were killed and that number is climbing. Another 53 were injured as of a police report at 10:28 a.m. at the Pulse Nightclub, an LGBT club in Orlando. The shooter appeared to be wearing a suicide vest though that has not been confirmed – it’s a device. He was shot dead as he was holding 30 hostages who were rescued.

Law enforcement are classifying it as a domestic terror incident after about a three hour hostage situation.

It was a horrific slaughter.

Law enforcement are concerned the suspect may have planted bombs. They also said he may have been a radical Islamist.

The FBI came out very quickly with the suggestion it was Islamic terrorism which tells you they might have had eyes on this.

There was an officer inside the club working security. He engaged the suspect outside, was wounded, and the suspect then made his way inside.

Nine Orlando Police Department officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect, who officials say was carrying a long gun, handgun, and what police are calling a ‘suspicious device.’ He could have had a bomb strapped to him and might have put bombs on some people according to witnesses who were inside the club.

“The shooter inside the nightclub is dead,” tweeted Orlando Police at 5:53 a.m.

“This can be classified as a domestic terror incident,” Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said at a press conference at 7 a.m. Sunday.

The statement read, “Orlando Regional Medical Center was placed on lockdown around 2:00 a.m. after receiving several gunshot victims. Only essential workers are being allowed access into the building. Out of an abundance of caution, Arnold Palmer Hospital and Winnie Palmer Hospital have also been placed on lockdown.”

Word of the situation spread shortly after 2 a.m., when Pulse Nightclub posted on its Facebook page, “Everyone get out of pulse and keep running.”

We will post updates as we get them. This comes a day after The Voice singer Christina Grimmie was killed by a deranged fan.

About 30 people were “saved during the rescue,” Mina said. About 320 people were in the club when the hostage situation unfolded.

This is not gun violence, it’s terrorism.

The police said there are suggestions the shooter had leanings towards a radical Islamic ideology but don’t know definitively. It may have been a lone wolf terrorist.  Listen to the officer here The terrorist has allegedly made threats in the past.


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John Smith
John Smith
6 years ago

Radical Islam terrorists hate Gays, Women, Christians, Americans. Obama is inviting these terrorists over unvetted. Boston Bombers were here living FREE off our welfare system and yet they killed us. The so-called Moderate Muslims say nothing.

The gays will support the Democrats who coddle these terrorists. Everyone better wake up and realize who the enemy of this Country are and vote out all of them out.

mark g
mark g
6 years ago

wolves travel in packs……just sayn

Conservative Beaner
Conservative Beaner
6 years ago

“They also said he may have been a radical Islamist.”

If this is true the left will minimize this as much as possible to spew out more gun control bile.