Don Jr. blasts “lying POS” Newsweek for their horrible Hitler accusation


Earlier in the week, the dishonest and despicable Ted Lieu took a comment Turning Point USA communications director Candace Owens made about Hitler out of context to give a false impression that she is a Hitler supporter. She leveled the guy, but the lie continues as if she didn’t. Thank the media for that.

Donald Trump Jr. offered his support for the victimized Ms. Owens and praised her for a terrific response. That gave Newsweek their cue to make up a despicable lie.


“Donald Trump Jr. praises Candace Owens for her defense of Hitler comments,” Newsweek’s tweet on Wednesday declared. The article started out with the same deceitful tone, and by the time they explained, the obfuscation of the truth was complete.

No one in their right minds would support Hitler, especially not conservatives. It’s an absurd accusation. Donald Jr.’s sister, brother-in-law, and their children are Jewish. It’s an extremely obscene offense.

Owens never supported Hitler. The accusation stems from an address she gave months before and which the leftists deliberately twisted. They want to take her out as a leader of Black Republicans. She is very effective in that role.


Donald Jr. blasted Newsweek.

“Hey guys, just here for the Ratio you lying POS!!!” Donald Jr. tweeted to Newsweek.

Candace Owens also reacted, suggesting the president “open up the libel laws” and that it’s “time to make moves against these people.”


The President retweeted a tweet by Arthur Schwartz who linked to Ms. Owens rebuttal with the comment, “Wow. got a well deserved ass kicking. Shame on you Ted.”

Candace Owens thanked the President.

During the exchange in Congress, Lieu and Chairman Nadler didn’t even let her respond. That is how dishonest these leftist Democrats are. Lieu knew he was lying about her. Fortunately, a congressman gave up his time for Ms. Owens so she could refute it.

Ted Cruz jumped into the fray and tweeted, “Sad. House Dems gavel down a Black woman, trying to silence her from defending herself after they call her “despicable.” Brings back particularly ugly chapters in the history of the Democratic Party.”

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