Don Jr on Al Jazeera’s videos claiming Jews made out on the Holocaust


Al Jazeera has a lot of press passes to cover Capitol Hill and the White House in Washington, D.C. and they lobby, put out large sums of cash, and pressure media organizations as well as think tanks. Al Jazeera is considered a reputable news organization by the disreputable media, while Fox News is not.

In fact, Al Jazeera are jihadist sympathizers. They are a propaganda outfit that promotes Hitler’s ideology.

They published anti-Semitic videos promoting Hitler ideology, claiming Jews made out big time from the Holocaust. That was in their Arabic version while they said the opposite in the English version.


The video was published by Al Jazeera and reposted by MEMRI who are now subjects of a false copyright claim. Al Jazeera doesn’t want anyone to know what they’re up to.

The captions of the video read:

“The gas chambers killed millions of Jews… So the story says. How true is the #Holocaust and how did the Zionists benefit from it?”

“The Jews weren’t the only targets of the Nazis, but also Gypsies [Roma], the disabled, homosexuals, and Arabs and Christians, too,” the video’s presenter, Muna Hawwa, says.

“In all, the Nazis killed 20 million people during the Holocaust and the Final Solution, and the Jews were just a part of that. Then why does the world focus so much on Jews?”

The video says:

“Statistics [about the Holocaust] were inflated by the Zionist movement to help them establish Israel.”

At one point, reporter Hawwa states: “[Jews] exploited the Holocaust for their agenda and made the whole world focus on their murders and forget the other victims… reparations that Israel received were disproportionate.”

It concludes that many anti-Semites, even those in the U.S. Congress, are recently heard to claim: “But Israel – who benefitted the most from the Holocaust – uses the same pretexts as the Nazis to commit ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians and eliminate them.”


Al Jazeera says something quite different to their Arab readers in the United States. The Qatari-owned publication, which has never been vilified the way Fox News is, has an anti-Semitic brainwashing operation right here in the United States.

While they say they suspended the reporters, they had to know what was going on. Is anyone else sick and tired of the fake ignorance yet?


They know what’s going on. Their reporter did the same thing in 2012.


Al Jazeera lied to Twitter and one of Ryan Saavedra’s tweets about the issue was censored.


  1. Facebook HAS decided to follow free speech rules specifically for Holocaust denial. That comes from Zuckerberg himself. But don’t EVEN apologize for Sandy Hook.

  2. Your headline on this story is not well thought out. It suggests that Don Jr. is claiming “Jews made out on the Holocaust,” and that he’s saying it on Al Jazeera.

  3. Wake up people…Petro$$$ has been buying up or inveigling themselves in western mainstream media for years…the trend of “reporting” on certain topics should have alerted smart(?) people…especially during the Clinton/Blair era…

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