Don Lemon Asks Mechanical Engineer Bill Nye for Root Causes of Hurricanes


Would you go to a mechanical engineer to find out the root causes of hurricanes as if that is even a reasonable question? CNN host Don Lemon did. Lemon is the person who once said the missing Malaysian flight 370 might have gone into a Black Hole or perhaps there was a supernatural explanation.

Don Lemon wants to find a “root cause” for hurricanes as if he were searching for a cure for tooth decay.

He hosted Bill Nye on his show, pretending it was a legitimate conversation when it was actually another indoctrination moment for the far-left wing of the Democrat Party.

William Mass, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington, explained that the hurricanes are not caused by global warming though they are trying to determine if they are affected by them.

Nye and Lemon didn’t seriously consider Mass’s conclusions during the interview. Instead, these non-climate scientists, continued with their indoctrination, suggesting climate climate is causing hurricanes. Then they moved on to earthquakes.

Hurricane Harvey developed in an environment in which temperatures were near normal in the atmosphere and slightly above normal in the Gulf. Global warming could not have caused it as Professor Mass reported.

There is also no evidence at this time that global warming affected or slowed the hurricane in Texas.

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