Don Lemon Calls Susan Rice Spy Story a “Diversion” to “Make a Lie True”


The media is desperately trying to spin the Obama administration spy story and Don Lemon, famous for having his ear pierced in a bar while drunk, is only too willing to lie his fool head off to cover up the spying.

Don Lemon must have missed the entire spy scandal involving the Obama White House because he went on his show claiming none of it was real. It’s the biggest story of the year, but Lemon thinks it’s a distraction ginned up by Donald Trump and a sympathetic right-wing media.

One of the reporters is Eli Lake at Bloomberg who is definitely not right-wing and who only reluctantly reported it after Mike Cernovich did based on info he got from his own spies embedded at Bloomberg and the NY Times.

Trump is trying to “make a lie true”, says Lemon. He claims that Trump “falsely stated” that Obama wiretapped him and “he’s still trying make a lie true” using Twitter and “right wing media” to do it.

“And last week,” he continued, “it was a debunked talking point that former Obama Administration official Evelyn Farkas admitted spying on the Trump team. She did no such thing.”

Trump was wiretapped according to the loose definition of the term and nothing was debunked unless you want to use Rice’s statement that she didn’t know a thing about it.

The goofy host denied Farkas’ admissions of spying and dissemination of classified data.

This is a “diversion”, Lemon said without blinking an eye. This is Democrat reporting today.

Of course, he thinks the Russia-Trump collusion story though there is no proof, in fact, John Brennan and Mike Morel among others on Trump’s team, admitted there is no evidence of collusion.

Here is Don Lemon as his relaxed drunk self with one of his better reports.

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