Donald Jr.’s So-Called Scandal Exposes What Looks Like Hillary Pay-to-Play


Donald Trump Jr. met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya because he thought she had damaging information on Hillary Clinton. Donald Jr. said she didn’t and only wanted to talk about the Magnitsky Act.

As it turns out, Veselnitskaya did possibly have a scoop on Hillary and a serious conflict of interest. The Russian lawyer might not have shared it with Trump’s son. Indeed, there is no evidence the Trump team used the information.

Veselnitskaya was allowed into the country “under exceptional circumstances” by the Obama administration. She was given a parole by Loretta Lynch. Veselnitskaya had been banned in 2015.

The DoJ said she was given permission to enter the U.S. so she could represent her client who was facing a civil asset forfeiture case in the States. She returned to Moscow in January but was allowed back in by June when she met with Donald Jr.

What the real purpose of the Russian lawyer’s visit appears to be was to determine Americans’ views on annulling the Magnitsky Act and not using the name again on future bills concerning human rights abusers.

The Magnitsky Act

The Magnitsky Act is a U.S. law that branded 18 Russians as human-rights abusers. It was named for Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer who worked for Browder’s Hermitage Capital Management. He died in a Moscow prison after uncovering what he said was a tax fraud that diverted $230 million from Russian taxpayers into the pockets of a handful of civil servants.

The Act and the event were very embarrassing to Putin. It exposed him as corrupt. The Act was said to have enraged him.

Hillary’s opposition to the Magnitsky Act after Bill Clinton got a lucrative offer from a state-tied Russian bank

Veselnitskaya was lobbying against sanctions that secretary of state Clinton also opposed after Bill Clinton received a lucrative speaking engagement in Russia by a State-tied bank.

In December 2015, The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary Clinton opposed the Magnitsky Act while serving as secretary of state.

Her opposition came at the same time Bill Clinton giving a speech in Moscow for Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank—for which he was paid $500,000. He also received a payout from the bank’s executives who would have been hurt by U.S. sanctions.

The Wall Street Journal report noted that after the appearance, Mr. Clinton received a personal thank-you call from Vladimir Putin, then the Russian prime minister. That was according to Tass, the state news agency.

One must ask, why would Hillary, an American, ever be opposed to the Act. Especially worth noting is the Browder firm that employed Magnitsky was a donor to The Clinton Foundation. Logic would tell us she should be on the side of Browder and Magnitsky.

A spokesperson for Hillary Clinton denied the connection between her stance against the Act and Bill Clinton’s paid speech, but the conflict of interest is glaring.

It was one of many that the Clintons have dealt with over the years. They were certainly aware of it as we discovered in a Wikileaks dump.

She killed the story about the conflict of interest

Wikileaks leaked an email from Hillary that said: With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC’s opposition to the Magnitsky bill to a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow.

Also of interest

The Democrat firm behind the debunked Russia dossier was also on the payroll of Veselnitskaya. The dossier was a compilation of gossip from spies in the Kremlin

Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS, was employed by the Russian lawyer helping to wage a Russian-led lobby campaign against the law.  He “worked with her on a legal case for years,” according to The Washington Post.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 years ago

In a sane world Hillary would be in jail.