Donald Trump: Eventually Our Country Won’t Survive


“It’s amazing that our country can continue to survive. But, you know, eventually, it’s not going to survive, just so you understand. Eventually, it is not. This guy is an amazing guy, our country is an amazing country. It’s amazing that our country can be abused so badly and not survive. It’s just amazing. And continue to survive. But it’s not going to survive like this. It can’t. It’s impossible. It’s impossible.”


At the same time, Trump was saying this, the Obama administration announced they’ve accelerated the immigration of refugees from Syria, the home of ISIS.

The administration is going to meet the goal no matter what.


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John Smith
John Smith
5 years ago

We are doomed, as Obama will bring in as many Syrians as possible ! He doesn’t care about 50 dead gay Americans in florida, he is concerned about Muslims being targeted, therefore, he will bring in as many future-terrorist as possible. These muslims do not plan on assimilating to Western Culture, therefore, they should be kept out of a civilized nation.