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“We will reclaim our country’s destiny”, Trump promised . “I will be president for all Americans,” Trump vowed, after a brief introduction by running mate Mike Pence.

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States, despite amazing odds against him. Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump and conceded the election at about 2:30am EST Wednesday.

Trump declared: “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. … America will no longer settle for anything less than the best.”

Over the course of his campaign, he was dismissed, mocked, lied about, and he made many missteps of his own. The world was against him, but he had more than half of the American people for varied reasons. He defied the pundits on who he could win over and how many he could convince to elect him. Hopefully he will get the support to make America great again.

Republicans lost few seats and will hold on to their majority in the Senate and the House.

A surge of support in key battlegrounds – and especially surprise victories in states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – helped propel Trump to victory. The GOP nominee built a commanding lead early on with wins in heavily contested North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Iowa.

At age 70, President-Elect Trump is the oldest president to step into the Oval Office. It was a remarkable victory with many left in shock.

It was truly historic. He has never served in public office and had no support other than the people and the RNC under Reince Priebus who stood by him through thick and thin. He was helped by the setbacks of Hillary Clinton, including several FBI investigations, five of which continue and do involve the Foundation.

The Wikileaks emails exposed the dark underbelly of the Clinton machine and of the Democratic National Committee. They need to clean house.

He defied party orthodoxy, railing against free-trade deals like NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership, talking of reworking the deals in a way that keeps Americans working and manufacturing in the United States.

Americans forgave him his crude remarks about women and ignored the seemingly trumped up allegations against him which took place towards the end of his campaign. He overcame them and won women.

The minorities did not turn out for Hillary and Trump only won them in single digits but he has sworn to help them.

This is a wake up call to the elite. Heads are exploding because Trump promised to drain the swamp.

President Putin of Russia weighed in by congratulating him Wednesday.

Bret Baier called the victory the “biggest upset in political history ever,” and he literally redrew the map. He not only has never served in office, but he had literally everyone against him, including the world, the media, Democrats, Republicans, great wealth from Wall Street and leftists like George Soros.

He was the last man standing because of his toughness, a quality we need right now. Hopefully, when the dust settles, people will give him a chance and we can be one united nation again.

Donald Trump was visibly moved when he came up to the stage. He thanked Hillary Clinton for her service to our country.

His speech focused on uniting our country after one of the most divisive races in modern times, reaching out to those who were opposed to him for their help and guidance. He promised to fix our inner cities, rebuild our infrastructure, and he said we will put millions of our people to work. “We will, finally take care of our veterans,” he said. His plan includes all those Americans who felt they have been left behind.

Trump is the blue collar billionaire who won Youngstown, Ohio and other blue collar areas.

Trump promised to double our growth with his economic plan and he said we will get along with all nations who want to get along with us.

“We must reclaim our country’s destiny”. We have to “dream big and bold”, he said. We will deal fairly with all nations and seek partnership.

He then thanked all the wonderful people who helped him succeed.

The full texts of his speech can be read at CNN.

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