Latest on Donald Trump Jr., the Left’s Most Recent Russian Operative


A Russian lawyer tied to Putin met with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort after Trump won the primary. She promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton but only wanted to talk about Russian adoptions. Then-candidate Trump knew nothing of the meeting according to his team.

New details have emerged which are causing some embarrassment for Donald Trump Jr.

The alleged bombshell is that the meeting was not primarily about adoption policy, as Trump Jr. had suggested in a statement. Don Jr. had been “promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton.”

That’s what they do during campaigns. They collect opposition research.

Comparing what Don Jr. said yesterday with today didn’t sit well with the left. Donald Jr. responded in a tweet and will also appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee.


Yesterday, the impression Reince Priebus had was the meeting was about Russian adoptions. There was no mention of opposition research.

The left, still looking for Russia collusion, says that this information shows the Trumps were willing to work with Russians to get opposition research. Actually, that is what Hillary or her team did. The Democrats’ operatives at Fusion GPS commissioned a former U.K. spy to collect opposition research on Trump. The spy used the word of gossipy Russians to compile the report.

The left is also agog with the news that Donald Trump Jr. hired criminal defense attorney Alan Futerfas to represent him because he represented organized crime and cybercrime cases. They think they are on to something.

There is no evidence of collusion

We have to keep in mind that there is still no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump administration.

There is, however, collusion on the part of Obama promising “flexibility” during his next election; with Hillary and her Clinton Foundation combined with the sale of a U.S. uranium mine; and with the Podesta profitable dealings with Russia.

The real collusion we know about for certain is the collusion by the DNC against Bernie. That’s provable collusion and it wasn’t the Russians, it was the Democrats.

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