Donald Trump Mocks Chuck Schumer for “Fake Tears”


President Donald Trump responded to Chuck Schumer’s response to the immigration ban by mocking his “fake tears” and said he would “ask him who his acting coach is”.

The new President’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven countries of concern, countries previously selected by Barack Obama, has been the subject of harsh criticism from the media and the left in general. Protests have caused problems at airports.

Senators McCain and Graham issued a statement critical of the process the President used.

There have been criticisms from within the politicized agency itself that could hurt Trump.

Customs and Border Protection reported that they didn’t get written instructions until 3 a.m. Saturday, hours after the order was already signed.

Agency managers appeared confused. “If the secretary doesn’t know anything, how could we possibly know anything at this level?” said one officer.

As the President said, if he had given notice, the worst people could have flooded in.

Chuck Schumer was one of those blasting him over the weekend, but in 2015, Schumer said it may be necessary to halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the U.S. He now says he will do everything he can to overturn the ban and he said it while sobbing.

Donald Trump responded by calling them fake tears.

Secretary John Kelly said the ban is a matter of national security.

Donald Trump tweeted about the issue of safety.

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