Donald Trump Puts the NY Times in the Last Row, CNN in Siberia


Donald Trump roasted the media today during his joint presser with the Romanian President Klaus Ioannis. In response to their constant and most recent barrage of attacks. He also had some interesting seating arrangements set up.

The fact is that CNN, ABC, NBC, the NY Times, WaPo are using anonymous sources to push a vicious narrative to bring down the President. How can you blame Trump for responding?

On Thursday, Comey confirmed that the fake news media exists if you believe him.

The former FBI Director testified that a February NY Times story, which alleged numerous contacts between Trump associates and Russia, was “almost entirely wrong”.

Senator Cotton asked Comey about it:

“On February 14 the New York Times published a story, the headline of which was “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence.”

You were asked earlier whether that was an inaccurate statement and you said you said ‘in the main.’  Would it be fair to characterize the story as ‘almost entirely wrong?'”

Comey:  “Yes.”

The front page of the NY Times today and yesterday was very disturbing and conveyed a completely dishonest recounting of the Comey testimony.

President Trump responded to the media abuse by putting the NY Times at the back during today’s joint presser. He called some of the media “killer networks” and asked if he should call on one of the fakes news outlets.

CNN was off in Siberia according to Jim Acosta.



  1. Anonymous sources because these people fear retribution by a manchild. The fact is that Trump has a history of going after people with his money because he can, even when he is 100% wrong. At some point this is going to catch up to him.

    By the way, what was wrong with the reporting of Comey’s testimony?

    • The reasonable interpretation of this situation is that the media and democrats are wrong. This is based on statements, lack of evidence, and the incredible double standard of how the Obama scandals were handled versus the Trump gossip. Name calling and baseless claims do not impress us. We are critical thinkers.

    • what is interesting is you say trump will go after you but fail to acknowledge the clintons and DNC will go after you if you cross them. especially after the comey testimony it seems a lot of the cintons and DNC past is starting to catch up with them.

  2. Gee, I don’t know, uh, gosh, Oh yes, he admitted to conspiracy to obstruct justice together with Loretta Lynch, and Hey RICO, you got a minute? …..and feloney perjury, duh, let’s see, and what is dat statute for covering up crimes???, Hey Uncle Rico, how many years did you get for leaking that stuff to the Washington Post, hold on while I look this stuff up…..Hey I just did some research, Comey is guilty of being an accessory before and after the crimes, and of subornation of perjury,
    and I let those national secrets that Hillary gave to the Russians I let stay out there , and….hey, pretty good resume’ huh. Where’s ma buddy Hussein?? (I need a good lawyer, hey Hussein!!)

    • Yes and this is only what we know so far about Comey. He has a 30 year history with the Clintons. But, citing facts as you do gets nowhere with some people.

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