Donald Trump Utterly Destroys the Dishonest Media As He Proves He Raised $5.6M


trump presser

Donald Trump responded to accusations that he did not send the money to the veterans which he raised during a telethon for them in lieu of a debate on Fox. The media responded afterwards by claiming Trump doesn’t want to be scrutinized, which is not what he said.

He said he never before was so maligned for doing so much good.

The media said without evidence that Trump collected nowhere near that money and he proved them wrong Tuesday.

Trump said he had wanted to keep it quiet but the media wouldn’t let him. He didn’t want to get credit for it.

Trump proved today that he collected $5.6 million and gave much of it out early. It should top 6 million because money is still coming in. It takes time for the organizations to be vetted, he said.

Trump said you all know my opinion of the press, my “opinion is very low” and “the media are not good people”.

The money was paid out early in many cases but the companies had to be vetted. Trump gave one million dollars and zero dollars were taken out for administration.

One abc news reporter was angry that Trump didn’t give out the amounts to the press sooner because he – Trump – is accountable. Trump called him a “real beauty” and said Hillary has given nothing to vets. Trump didn’t take a penny but wanted to give generously and give it low key. He wasn’t trying to publicize his generosity, he said.

Trump said he had uniform applause for the vets but uniform attacks from the press.

The press went after him but Trump didn’t back down. He said the political press is very dishonest. Trump gave an example of when he joked at the Rolling Thunder event this past weekend about there not being enough people at the event, but the press reported it as if he was serious. The press, he said, knew he was joking.

It’s important to add here that the dishonest reporters among the neverTrump Republicans did exactly the same thing.

It’s about time someone called these people out for what they are.

The area was roped off at the Rolling Thunder event, Trump said, and there were a lot of people. Gene Washington, a reporter Trump said he likes, said there were only 5,000 people in attendance, but there were many more than that and it was at capacity. Trump believes the press knew that.

The press said Trump was disappointed because he didn’t have millions of people in DC going from Washington to Jefferson. That was the joke Trump was referring to.

Maybe the press only has a sense of humor when they mock Hillary and Sanders opponents.

A veteran got up and yelled at the press, telling them to stop using the vets as “political pawns”. He told them to get their “heads out of their butts”.

Trump called an abc news reporter a “sleaze” at the beginning of the following clip. That particular reporter is not honest in terms of my own experience.

The veteran who spoke said something very true – the press won’t focus on the real issues.

One reporter asked him if he had too thin a skin to be president and he said no because he was responding to the dishonesty.

The funds were given to the following with certified checks including, but not all: 22 Kill, Achilles Int’l, America Hero Adventures, Americans for equal living, A Veterans Dog org, AmVets, Armed Services, YMCA, Bob Woodruff, Connected Warriors, Disabled Vets, Fisher House, Folds of Honor, Freedom Alliance, Green Beret, Higher Heros, Homes for Our Troops, Honoring America’s warriors, Interpid Fallen Heroes, Canines for Warriors, Liberty House, Marine Corp Law Enforcement, Navy SEAL, Navy Marine Organization Relief, Wounded Vets,Operation Homefront, Partners for Patriots, Racing for Heroes, Taskforce Dagger Foundation, The Mission Continues, Veterans Airlift Command, Veterans Count, Veterans In Command, Vietnam Vets Workshop, and others.

He called out the amounts when he read off the list.




  1. You need to correct your article. You say the vet rose and said ‘stop using the PRESs as political pawns’. What he actually said was for the media to stop using vets as political pawns’. Sheesh! Get your story straight before you publish it. I know a good editor!

  2. Hello Sara!
    I hope you and your family are doing okay.
    I simply love the way Trump handled the press! Calling them precisely what they are. Real “beauties” and “sleazy” folks. Man! what a breath of fresh air!
    I’m sure you’ve noticed the ridiculous anti-Trump ‘conservative’ blogs and ‘news sources.’ The Right Scoop, Red State, The Resurgent, SOOPERMEXICAN among others. I’ve gotten so sick of their b.s. Today I posted a tid-bit to illustrate how dishonest these folks are.
    Disgusting stuff. The aforementioned folks banned me from commenting on their stuff. Mainly because they have no argument of substance … just name calling and they get their panties in a wad easily.
    Hang in there Sara. As always you’re doing a great job!

  3. No need to worry about Bill Kristol’s champion. Few have heard of David French or, for that matter, Bill Kristol. Few of those who know of these people give them credence. The Libertarian party will get more votes.

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