Trump’s Right Again! Donald Trump Responds on Meeting with Chancellor Merkel


President Trump said despite the reports to the contrary, he had a great meeting with Chancellor Merkel. The Sentinel reported that the media commented on him not shaking hands during the photo-op, but the reports were far more negative than that.

Remember all the harsh criticisms and distortions about Donald Trump’s comments regarding NATO? Trump always said he wasn’t in favor of disbanding it, he wants the other 27 members to pay their fair share.

Trump said on the campaign trail that he would “certainly look at” pulling the United States out of the international security alliance, because it is “obsolete” and “is costing us a fortune.”

The U.S. pays about 22 percent of direct spending by NATO, the most of any nation, according to budget information. The U.S. also pays a much larger portion of the organization’s indirect costs, NATO says.

Out of 28 member nations, only five pay the requisite 2% of their GDP. Germany has been paying 1.2% but Merkel promised yesterday to get to the 2% figure.

Hillary Clinton used his NATO stand against him throughout the election, claiming he said he would pull out of NATO if elected. He never said he’d pull out now. He sees NATO as obsolete and wants nations to pay what they said they’d pay.

It wasn’t only Clinton — the media blasted him and claimed over and over that he was going to pull out of NATO. That included Fox News pundits like Charles Krauthammer. No matter how many times Trump explained his position, it was distorted with some in the media claiming the other nations were paying plenty.

As it turns out, Trump is right again! Germany, as one example, is a wealthy nation but they are not paying for their defense.

You should know that the media, almost to a report, blasted Trump for criticizing Merkel Friday. The NY Times, LA Times, Slate, WaPo, The Atlantic, the guardian complained about him complaining – they were brutal.

One of their questions was why would he praise Germany and then criticize them? I have a better question, why doesn’t Merkel pay her damn bill?

Check out the spending on the graph below. Trump was right again, period. We can’t afford to pay for everyone else’s national defense. Imagine how much money we would have if we only had to worry about ourselves.

We at the Sentinel are not big fans of the Chancellor but applaud the President being able to work with her.

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