Donald Trump Wants to Do What Carter Did in 1980


I’m not trying to present a case for Donald Trump but do want to look at the latest situation from both sides of the equation.

We are at war with radical Islam and we must at least attempt to close our borders to them though that is not the same as shutting out all Muslims which Donald Trump said he would do until “our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”. The backlash has been swift and harsh.

As Bill O’Reilly said, he probably jumped the shark with the GOP officials.

The White House has called for Donald Trump to drop out of the race because he allegedly disqualified himself. They are demanding Republicans pull him from the race. Trump is being attacked from all quarters on both sides of the aisle. Instead of dealing with the issues Trump is bringing to the fore, many Republicans are more in hiding though Ted Cruz isn’t.

“I’m grateful Donald Trump is running,” Cruz said. “And I’ll tell you what, he’s helped focus the discussion on securing the border. Border security is national security. I think that’s been very beneficial for the race.”


Trump might need to refine his anti-PC and bombastic language though it has served him well in the past. In his book, Art of the Deal, he makes it clear that to make the deal, you first have to throw out the most extreme proposal. It appears that is what he is doing now. His language gets all the attention, that’s certainly true.

David French, writing for National Review Online, doesn’t care for political correctness either and does believe we need to look at immigration but not in a way that Trump does.

…it’s simply not the case that Islam is a peaceful, tolerant faith plagued by a tiny few extremists. Rather, Islam has massive problem with hate and bigotry – with hundreds of millions of Muslims supporting the worst kinds of religious intolerance and tens of millions more outright terrorist sympathizers. In the refugee controversy, I’ve repeated over and over that it’s foolish to admit a class of refugees when we know the world’s leading terror army is attempting to infiltrate the displaced masses or recruit from their ranks. We can be compassionate without making ourselves vulnerable.

French believes Trump [and Franklin Graham who said the same thing] – saying he would stop all immigration of Muslims TEMPORARILY – has gone too far into merely reacting and devolving into foolishness.

You can agree or disagree but Frenhc’s point should be considered.

Also to be considered is the fact that something similar has been done before and no such backlash took place.  Japanese and Germans were banned during World War II, and we are truly at war again.

On April 7, 1980, Jimmy Carter broke off relations with Iran and all Iranian diplomats and officials were ordered to leave the country by midnight of the 8th. It was hours after the Iranians said the 50 American hostages who were held for 157 days would remain in custody.

He cut off all trade between the countries and invalidated all visas issued for future arrival to Iranians, issuing new ones or renewing old ones only in unusual circumstances. He was about to deport all Iranian students.

Carter ordered 50,000 Iranian students in the US to report to the immigration office with view to deporting those in violation of their visas. On 27 December 1979, a US appeals court allowed deportation of Iranian students found in violation.

Today, we don’t even track students who jump visas.

Carter planned for an inventory of outstanding claims of American citizens and corporations against the government of Iran, with the aim of seizing assets of the Iranian government in the United States to finance settlements of claims by the hostages and their families. He also considered a blockade.

People applauded Carter’s actions.

Obama dealt indirectly with Trump’s statement again today on the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. He said with passion, a passion he cannot drum up when Americans are slaughtered in an act of terrorism, that our values are to allow people into the country no matter what their religion.

[The problem is he doesn’t let the Christians in and he doesn’t have a “robust” immigration vetting process.]

During his speech, he took jabs at Trump.

We owe Trump for making illegal immigration and refugees a topic of discussion. It was completely ignored until he spoke up and it obviously is an important topic to Americans.

Trump may not be talking in a helpful way but he is making some points about radical Islam at a time our president is denying its existence. Barack Obama says we should ignore fear but Trump is motivating people in part using fear.

The discussion must take place. We are at war and our borders are open, people come in on visas with little oversight, and others jump visas and disappear. Trump at this point appears to be hurting the debate or is he?

Barack Obama just treated a recent horrific terror attack as if it were a workplace violence incident and a case of gun violence. He reluctantly admitted that it was a case of terrorism in an unemotional speech from the Oval Office which focused more on gun violence and Islamophobia than terrorism.

There have been rumors out of DC that Valerie Jarrett attempted to control Comey’s statements about the attack. She wanted it to be a case of a mass shooting not terrorism. This is allegedly the reason why Lynch was sent out to make the Jarrett-approved statement to the public. It is also being said that Obama was dragged into the Oval Office speech by Democrats kicking and screaming.

This is the December 7th statement by Donald Trump.

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