Donald Trump Won Because of Old, Uneducated White Men, CNN Host Says


Incredibly elitist and racist CNN host Fareed Zakaria says Donald Trump was elected because older, white men were scared of blacks, women and gays. It’s also a class rebellion, he added. Sure, that’s it Zakaria!

This is the most appalling racism and it is condoned by the media.

“A real sense of cultural alienation, older, white, noncollege education Americans have, a sense that their country is changing because of immigrants,” he pontificated. “Because maybe blacks are rising up to a central place in society, because gays being afforded equal rights. Because of, frankly, working women. Everybody is muscling in on the territory that the white working man had.”

Here we go again, they’re calling Trump supporters sexist, homophobic, and racist.

It would never occur to this snob that we don’t want to be Socialists and many of us who voted for Trump are college educated and not old male dopes. Hillary lost the women.

Zakaria is a bigot.

This is the guy who wrote The Post American World, pumping up globalism as the future, a book Obama was caught reading. Obama spent too much time in Indonesia to appreciate the USA.

It should be mentioned that there are many college-educated professionals who have not a lick of sense or a proper work ethic – take Bernie Sanders for example.

It’s not accurate. The statistics tell a different story:

People who voted for Trump were educated.


  • High school or less 45% Clinton 51% Trump 4% Other
  • Some college education 43% Clinton 52% Trump 5% Other
  • College graduate 49% Clinton 45% Trump 6% Other
  • Postgraduate education 58% Clinton 37% Trump 5% Other

Christians came out in large numbers for Trump. The reasons are obvious.

People like Zakaria are out of touch and need to get out of their brownstones once in a while. What an arrogant lot these people are and they want to be the boss of us.

This is the dribble Zakaria spewed on New Day:

“The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us, educated professionals who live in cities, who have cosmopolitan views about things,” Zakaria said.

“There’s a part of America that is sick and tired of being told what to do by this overeducated population that Hillary Clinton perfectly represented. That’s why they’re sticking with him,” he continued.

“He knew that the election of a black president had stirred a kind of ugly racial animus. A small subset but he knew how to get them” Zakaria said.

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5 years ago

The re-election of obama is proof that racism is not going to win an election. Hillary Clinton required cheating within her own party to be the nominee. She was not indicted according to the director of the FBI becasue she could not grasp the implications of her gross negligence regarding her emails. So, she is either unable to understand the implications of classified information and has no business being the chief executive of the United States or she lied about her inability to understand and she got away with multiple crimes that are both felonies and impeachable offenses if they occurred and were prosecuted while in office. She did not go to key states that she lost becasue she considered them in the bag. The last election had nothing to do with racism, nothing to do with Hillary being a woman. It had to do with Hillary being worse than Trump.

5 years ago

Wow and you call yourself a news reporter? How about a hateful racist fool! That reads the news set in front of him, while adding his own hateful opinion!

Robert Roberts
5 years ago

Yep. I’m old and white. And I have two college degrees you arrogant racist bastard. And I fear no one. Hillary Clinton lost the election because she is a repulsive and repugnant bitch.

Leary Dalzell
5 years ago
Reply to  Robert Roberts

I endores your comment..

5 years ago

His opinion is not news worthy