Donald Trump’s Greatest Achievement Is Flouting the Rules


Sheriff Clarke

People from both sides of the aisle and in the media are attacking Trump and his supporters while the Marxist president who is fundamentally transforming us into a third world hellhole doesn’t get anywhere near the criticism.

America is in serious trouble. We are at the turning point and our Constitution is being trashed but the media is worried about Trump giving out Lindsey Graham’s phone number.

Trump marches to his own beat and the opponents can’t deal with it.

Trump is on his way to the border. I love it but CNN is already out mocking him.

Sheriff David Clarke hasn’t decided who he is going to support for president come 2016 but he likes Trump’s independent style. He warned against having Trump as an enemy.

“I think the problem for the GOP establishment right now is they don’t know what to do with him,” Clarke said. “And I think the best thing to try to do is to keep him on their side because they’re going to need him.” He believes the GOP is better off with him “inside the tent than outside the tent”.

The GOP and the media think they can chase him off but they probably can’t. In any case, it’s up to the voters, Sheriff Clarke believes, not the media or the insiders.

“The voters will decide, Don, whether or not he’s presidential material, whether he can be the commander-in-chief,” says Sheriff Clarke. “I don’t like party insiders and I don’t like newspapers telling me who’s not worthy to be president. That’s for me, the voter, to make a determination about.”

Clarke brought up the point that the GOP is burning their bridges with Trump and he might have some staying power.

Clarke said, “It’s not going to work with him. Like I said, he writes his own rules. He is a brand, Trump is a brand and the GOP has to understand that.” He says that Trump “brings that kind of excitement that can attract outside voters and in the end we’ll see how far it takes him. But I think to shun him, to push him out, that’s an elitist attitude and the political establishment is going to have to learn that Donald Trump plays by his own set of rules.”

Clarke made a great point. Trump can say things the Republican establishment can’t say and he stands for some principles the party needs to embrace. He can say things that neutralize or hurt Democrats and they should let him do it.

“Donald Trump can do some things and say some things that the party establishment and other candidates on both sides of the aisle know, ‘I could never get away with saying that. It would destroy me,’ but like I said Donald Trump is a different kind of cat.”

Clarke is an unaffiliated voter. He said he’s “enjoying the heck out of this.”

I’d like to add that every day Trump is in the race, he’s deflecting attacks on other Republicans. He’s keeping us from stories about dogs on car roofs and haircuts of a classmate.

The media, as well as opponents on the left and right, have been brutal.

It’s a bandwagon of nasty people but it says more about them than Trump. It’s so over-the-top.

The left-wing Des Moines Register, for example, parades around as a legitimate mainstream news source in Iowa. They published a snarky editorial over his one-liner about McCain. They called him a “feckless blowhard”,  a bloviating back pedaler who is running a “sideshow”.

These so-called mainstream reporters of the news at the Des Moines Register are biased left as are most of the media.

In October 2012, prior to President Obama’s re-election, Obama gave an interview with the Des Moines Register which he asked them not to publish. They complied for weeks, until after the election, because they said Obama merely had a “slip of the tongue”. Indeed it was!

The “slip” was his definitive plan to implement Sequester, the very budget cut he claimed was solely the work of Republicans. It came out later that it was indeed his idea but if it came out before the election it would have hurt his chances. The paper conspired with him. It was pretty clear from the interview that the Sequester would soon be in place and it would be “messy”.


In the year 2000, then-comedian and now-senator Al Franken (photo above) told Salon, a far-left rag, that McCain isn’t a war hero:

I doubt I could cross the line and vote Republican. I have tremendous respect for McCain but I don’t buy the war hero thing. Anybody can be captured. I thought the idea was to capture them. As far as I’m concerned he sat out the war.

The media didn’t care a whit.

Sharyl Attkisson (photo below) fact-checked the Washington Post’s attack on Trump over McCain, arguing that Trump “modified his statement saying — four times — McCain is a war hero” and that “Trump actually said the opposite” of what has been reported. That happens to be true.


Media Matters, a tax-exempt, far-left vehicle for attacking Republicans and Fox, decided they had to attack Ms. Attkisson, calling her a “discredited journalist” which is bald-faced lie.

In a combative posture with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Trump said they mischaracterized his statement about McCain “like everybody else.”

Then Trump added: “Frankly, illegal immigrants get treated better than many of our vets. It’s a disgrace what’s happening in this country and John McCain is doing nothing about it but talk.”

That was a great statement whether people agree or not because it is true that illegal immigrants get treated better than our vets.

People think Trump has a point regardless of the manner in which he says it. One can respect McCain’s heroism and really dislike his political views which have damaged the Republican party by bringing it left of center on some issues.

Many people who are labeled supporters are actually only supporting his telling of the truth with courage.

If it wasn’t for Trump, there would be nothing said about sanctuary cities and the thousands of murders by the protected class of illegal criminals making these locales their base of operations. He has Democrats on the defensive which is most unusual.

Trump is talking about good trade deals and bringing jobs back to America. Whether he can come up with the specifics to prove he can do it remains to be seen.

Trump is establishing a hotline and email address for veterans to share their stories on how the Veterans Administration should be reformed and he called for flags to be hung at half-mast in honor of the five soldiers murdered by a terrorist in Chattanooga.

Barack Obama, who is still looking for a motive for the Chattanooga killings, relented and flew the flags in the Capitol at half-mast.

Best yet, Trump doesn’t apologize when the media demands it.

Trump might be trying to shake things up as opposed to running a serious campaign but the Republicans don’t understand that to win the hearts and minds of at least 25% of their base, they have to be stronger, much stronger in telling us what they stand for because people don’t necessarily know what they stand for or even believe them.

The media is pumping up Republicans in this anti-Trump barrage of insults. Trump counters by saying he’s a nice guy and doesn’t want to attack anyone, they’re attacking him.

Personally, I’m looking forward to his trip to the border and hearing about what is actually going on there.




  1. To win a war, you must always be on the offensive. I admire his moral courage in telling the truth and not bowing down to the relentless assault being levied against him. If only the republicans would show some courage.

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