Donald Trump’s Really Excellent Speech in New Hampshire


Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are rewriting the rules and shaking up the race for the president. In a crowded field, Trump won with 35% of the vote. That’s quite remarkable.

He began his speech by thanking his family, including his deceased parents and brother.

Strong borders, legal immigration, ending the influence of lobbyists, stopping the flow of money to other countries were the centerpieces of his speech.

He will repeal and replace Obamacare and he will get rid of Common Core. There will be no more chipping away at our Second Amendment, he said.

The unemployment rate is somewhere around 20% to as high as 40%. He asked would we have these large numbers coming to our events if the unemployment was 5%?

We will knock the hell out of ISIS, he promised.

What’s going on, he asked? The last budget will bring us to 21 trillion dollars.

We will start winning again and we will make America so great again.

Trump is owned by no one and has not taken a cent from special interests.

He promised to win in South Carolina.

Donald Trump is sometimes short on details but his past successes and his sincere promises make people believe in him.


The race is over for Christie, Florina and Carson. Someone needs to tell Gilmore that he was never in the race.

Christie’s brutal attack on Rubio in the last debate wounded Rubio but Christie hurt himself as well.

The results:

NH elections

Sanders won with a whopping 60% of the vote and gave his usual rah, rah, socialist revolutionary speech. The corrupt hag couldn’t beat a cranky, aged socialist. What is really corrupt in the Democrat Party in New Hampshire is Hillary will receive more delegates than Bernie even though he whomped her. Superdelegates can vote for anyone they want so they voted for Hillary even though the people voted for Bernie. Why isn’t the mainstream media saying something about this?



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