Donna Brazile Comes Out to Clean Up Obama’s ‘Cut It Out’ Lie


When Obama tells a lie that can too obviously come back to cause him trouble, someone from the Democrat Party comes out to clean it up and the lie is forgotten, thanks to the corrupt media. In a most recent case, it was Donna Brazile, the DNC chair, a known liar and cheat, who came out to provide cover while pretending she was “disappointed” in Obama not taking stronger action.

In September, Barack Obama claimed to have told Putin to “cut it out”, meaning cut out his hacking, and indicated that Russia stopped. He recently made this known publicly. This past week, after months elapsed, he suddenly became concerned and called for a full investigation of the Russian hacking.

People are asking why Obama didn’t do something about it in the intervening months? [The only difference now is they lost the election and it’s a useful tool for attacking Trump.]

However, the Democrats can’t leave a story out there that has Obama saying he told Russia to “cut it out” and they did. It destroys their entire argument.

Donna Brazile came out to clean it up, claiming she was disappointed he didn’t do more because, “…you know, we were under constant attack. We never felt comfortable. We didn’t know what was coming next. And, you know, this is not just about computers; this is harassment of individuals, it’s harassment of our candidates, harassment of our donors. We had stolen information, personal information. People were personally harassed.”

In this next clip, we can hear Obama telling Russia to “cut it out”. CNN calls it a proportional response – they’re a joke. It’s proportional to say “cut it out” to a violent dictator who is attempting to hack our electoral process?


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