Donna Brazile Didn’t Know If Hillary Would “Recover” After Her 9/11 Collapse


Former DNC chair and CNN analyst Donna Brazile discussed her book Hack with Hugh Hewitt today and her response to his last question was quite stunning. People who noticed Hillary Clinton’s physical abnormalities, particularly her 9/11 collapse, were called conspiracy nuts. As it turns out, they weren’t. Brazile herself wasn’t sure Hillary would even recover after that collapse.

“I was in New York with her, I could tell from her mannerisms just a few minutes before that she was under the weather. She wasn’t feeling good,” said Brazile. “I saw her on Friday night. She’s under the weather. What’s wrong? Tell me what’s wrong. Go get a doctor and make a good analysis.”

“I don’t think they knew at the time that video would go viral, and that video would tell a different story. And as a result of that video going viral, I had to make a very difficult decision,” she added. “I had to confer with people who were calling me about what if, what if. And luckily, we never got to that. But I did have to think through what if she did not recover.”

In her book, Brazile also talks about how she thought of replacing Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden.

There is a caveat here: Brazile is a known liar.

Check out her collapse. They practically threw her in the van.

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