Donna Brazile Is Baaack…Claiming Trump’s Election Is Illegitimate


DNC Chair Donna Brazile was out lying to Martha Raddatz on Sunday. After claiming she didn’t share debate questions with Hillary Clinton — though we know she definitely did — she said Podesta’s emails were hacked and weaponized to hurt Clinton and Sanders. The deceit in her statements is blatant and repugnant. The DNC hurt Sanders campaign and that is provable as are most of Podesta’s emails which showed the corruption in the Clinton campaign, regardless of who leaked them.

“Allegations from stolen hacked e-mails. And I have said repeatedly, CNN did not provide me with any questions, nor by the way did you provide me with any questions showing up this morning. But, again, when you think how this information was used, how the stolen hacked e-mails — my e-mails were not hacked, by the way. I had a DNC address but my e-mails were not hacked. John Podesta’s e-mails were hacked. They were used, they were weaponized for — to sow misinformation and to sow discord between the Clinton and Sanders campaign.

“Unfortunately it happened but we should learn from this. This is why the president should tell us more before he leaves office, and also then Congress bears an enormous responsibility as well to inform the American people on this — the involvement of the Russian government in our election process.”

There is no evidence at this point that the emails were hacked, as Brazile contends, and, if they were, they proved much of what we already knew.

Brazile must believe enough time has elapsed between her cheating and lying and now.

Later in the interview, she gets to the point of all this turmoil being caused by the acting out hard left in control of the Democrat Party. The point is that Trump’s election is illegitimate. [This is why they are acting certifiably insane.]

“…Donald Trump used this information in ways to also sow division. I was very disappointed in his repeated use of the stolen information. He used it as if he received daily talking points. But that’s politics; it’s behind us.”

“What we should focus on now is how do we protect our country from foreign intrusion…There’s no question that having a foreign adversary, a foe, interfere and to use hacked stolen e-mails and weaponize them against the Democrats, not the Republicans, not Trump, but against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, the president’s party, we should be outraged by it. I know I’m still outraged by it.”

“But I want to make sure that this never happens again, because this country deserves to have the kind of cyber security experts involved to make sure that our homeland is protected. At every stage.”

Democrats have yet to prove this is true but the entire media is reporting it as factual.

Why would Russia want a tough, unpredictable man like Trump in office, when they could have the weak-kneed Hillary who promised to continue Obama’s do-nothing policies? She is the woman who turned over 20% of US uranium and US technology over to Putin.

Donna Brazile said prior to the election that what mattered was to win and not worry about coming out unscathed. She said this after she was fired from CNN for giving debate questions to Hillary which she most definitely did.

She also suggested Russia forged the emails. No one found that believable.

The emails were validated by a DKIM key and the Democrats didn’t know how to debunk them. Now, some time has elapsed and they can say whatever they want and count on no one pursuing their lies.



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