Donna Brazile Talks About the Hillary Cult


Donna Brasile was on Morning Joe Wednesday to discuss her trashing Hillary book. She told Joe and Mika the campaign was an impenetrable “cult”. That is believable but we should be worried about why Brazile is doing what she is doing.

She wants the Democrat Party to come out stronger after her critique and she likes what Tom Perez is doing.

Does she want the party to be stronger or further left?

The unnerving thing about Brazile is that she is further left than Hillary as is Tom Perez. They both support people like Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison.

If the Party didn’t want Bernie to run as a Democrat, all they had to do was say he couldn’t run because he is a Socialist. Even if he did switch parties, they didn’t have to accept his agenda and move further left, but they did. Hillary was forced to move even further left. It is obvious they are becoming the Democrat Socialist Party without accepting the title.

That is why they decided to rig the election. They weren’t ready for the Socialist but they are getting there…and soon.

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