Donor Sues Republican Party for Fraud, Mark Steyn Suggests a Class Action Suit


The Virginia-Pilot online reports that Republican donor Bob Heghmann, 70, filed a lawsuit in the state of Virginia, accusing them of fraud and racketeering. This is in reference to their raising millions of dollars in donations on repealing Obamacare knowing they have no intention of repealing.

The worst part of this is the Republican elites are not supporting the President’s agenda, the agenda the people voted for. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said when Donald Trump was elected that he was more worried about Republicans in Congress than Democrats. He called that one.

Heghmann filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court naming the national and Virginia Republican parties, as well as some GOP leaders as defendants.

The suit states that the GOP: “Has been engaged in a pattern of Racketeering which involves massive fraud perpetrated on Republican voters and contributors as well as some Independents and Democrats.”

He told the Pilot Online, a local paper:

“Too few conservatives are willing to invest their time, talent, and money and personally participate inside the Republican Party … A Republican majority will mean a conservative majority if and when a sufficient number of conservatives figure out why the success of their principles depends on their personal involvement in local, state and national Republican Party committees and in party nomination contests.“

While some may think this a good idea, a better idea might be to sue Barack Obama for telling us we can keep our doctor. Another idea is to just sue the three who wouldn’t even vote for the skinny repeal.

Mark Steyn had his usual humorous take on it during an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning but was cut off before he finished. He suggests Mr. Heghmann start a class action suit because millions will signup.

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Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell
6 years ago

So, this guy bribes politicians to do his bidding, then doesn’t get what he paid for. Now he wants to sue? This just illustrates how corrupt Congress is(all of them).

Feels Good to Win (@S51Bill)
Feels Good to Win (@S51Bill)
6 years ago

yes I want a class action suit against GOP for not doing what they said they would do repeal Ocare for 7yrs