Don’t Be Shocked by Who Is Responsible for the “Dirty Tricks” in Iowa


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Dr. Ben Carson, an admittedly terrific person, isn’t doing well in his run for the presidency because he is so low energy as a candidate that he makes Jeb Bush look like the energizer bunny.

The “dirty tricks” disinformation we have heard about since Monday has little to do with tweets and flyers going out claiming Carson is leaving the campaign.

For those who don’t know, word went out before the polls closed, shortly after 7pm Monday night, that Carson was quitting the campaign.

It ostensibly caused Dr. Ben Carson votes, however, he over-performed according to all the polls. He would never have made up 14 points in any case. Carson wasn’t even an issue for Ted Cruz who was accused of being the initiator of the inaccurate information.

As it turns out, the only one responsible for the misinformation about Dr. Ben Carson is Dr. Ben Carson and his campaign for putting out the original information when everyone was rushing to post, tweet, and air anything new.

A week before the primary for an important state, Carson’s campaign said he was going to leave the campaign trail to go back to Florida for fresh clothes and then go to DC for the National Prayer Breakfast.

“New Hampshire tends to be a little more liberal state, and I am not really going to resonate with liberals very well, which is OK,” Carson said.

You don’t do that if you are planning to campaign in New Hampshire.

CNN’s Chris Moody tweeted that Ben Carson was going to go to Florida and then to the National Prayer Breakfast in D.C. which sounded like he would skip two key primaries.

Cruz supporter Rep. Steve King retweeted the information.

Jake Tapper said it looked like Carson was leaving the campaign.  Dana Bash indicated the same on CNN.

Time wrote, Ben Carson’s campaign pushed back against speculation Monday night that his decision to go home to Florida immediately following the Iowa caucuses reflects any scaling down of his flagging campaign.

It was all over the Internet in minutes – literally.

“I’m going home to get some fresh clothes,” Carson told reporters in Iowa and then go to the National Prayer Breakfast.

As it turns out, he really is not going to New Hampshire and South Carolina and will go to North Carolina after the Breakfast! At least that’s what is being reported but since Carson doesn’t give out schedules, there is no way to be sure until we see what he does.

Carson’s campaign has put out no schedule of public events. What kind of campaign is this? It’s certainly one that allows for misinformation. Thinking he was dropping out was a very reasonable assumption.

Carson and his campaign are responsible for the error and Carson is responsible for his flagging campaign. On Thursday, Carson announced he would downsize by 50 employees. It was something he planned months ago according to him.

Dr. Carson now asks why didn’t the Cruz people pick up the phone and call him? He conjectures that some in the Cruz campaign did it deliberately. He doesn’t know that and he has no evidence that Ted Cruz had anything to do with it.

The evidence all points to Carson’s campaign giving the impression he was done and it was furthered by CNN – it’s not their fault either really.  Why isn’t Carson asking why they didn’t call him?

It wasn’t the responsibility of others to clarify statements that came from Dr. Carson and his campaign.

Watch as Trump goes bonkers on Cruz in the audio below, however, notice that he says he will repeal and replace Obamacare but leaves out that he will replace it with something worse – universal healthcare. We need to get back to the issues and find out what these candidates plan to do if they win the election and stop worrying about trivia. The Sentinel doesn’t really support or oppose any Republican candidate in the race but when something needs mentioning, we do.



  1. A decent campaign would never state that an opponent is dropping out while voting is occurring.
    Carson never came close to stating he was dropping out.
    A decent campaign would never pay attention to CNN gossip.

    • To me it’s a mistake that’s being blown up. I just want to hear where they stand on the issues. I’m sick of all these side stories. Every campaign has screw ups. I’ve worked on campaigns and there are always problems. Ifyou have one dope or a handful of dopes, they can take down the candidate and it’s not always possible to sort them out in advance. People do stupid things.

      I was stunned the other day when Trump reiterated that he wanted universal healthcare. The reason I started the website was my concerns about universal healthcare, Obamacare, Single Payer. I’m tired of the insults and want to hear what they plan to do on key issues.

      • Sarah, at first I wanted to just respond to this post with,
        “True, Ben shouldn’t have done that. It was stupid.”

        THAT SAID: what you do NOT take into account is the following…
        …what Cruz and, apparently also Rubio did IN TANDEM
        (double teaming to steal Carson’s votes and thereby take Trump down a notch):

        First: do it.

        Second: deny it.

        Third: blame someone else.

        Fourth: hold a holy roller tent revival stunt to reclaim
        appearance of “moral high ground”

        Fifth: take responsibility for and
        apologize for the “misunderstanding”

        Sixth: deny it again.

        Seventh: blame the media.

        CRUZ (+ Rubio) and his defenders SURE ACT LIKE DEMOCRATS.


        Regarding Trump’s position on healthcare… SEE his website for his stance! NOT “single payer”!!!

        • Kauf Buch; you said it and spelled it out very well; I have lost all respect for Cruz and Rubio as has my husband; we are registered Independents and are in the processs of deciding for whom to vote

        • I tend to disagree on the Rubio-Cruz situation but I understand your viewpoint and I’m sure there’s more information to come out.

          Trump didn’t say Single Payer, he said universal healthcare. That’s just as bad and single payer falls under universal healthcare.

        • I tend to disagree on the Rubio-Cruz situation but I understand your viewpoint and I’m sure there’s more information to come out.

          Trump didn’t say Single Payer, he said universal healthcare. That’s just as bad and single payer falls under universal healthcare. My concern about Trump is he always goes to big government and authoritarianism. I don’t know who will be best and wouldn’t claim to.

  2. “I’m mad as hell and I’m laying off half my staff, reducing spending by fifty percent, going home to Florida to sulk for a few days and not planning any campaign events.”

    Give me a break, Gentle Ben.

  3. Before casting blame everywhere, first look at the person in the mirror. Would not surprise me if the race card is not played soon against Cruz, seems to me like the next accusation.

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