Sierra Club Sends Their Best Man Out to Testify!

Aaron Mair, global warming agitator
Aaron Mair, global warming agitator

This gets filed under “oh my God”.

Senator Ted Cruz questioned Aaron Mair, the president of the climate change extremist organization, The Sierra Club, during a Judiciary Subcommittee hearing this week. Sierra does the bidding of Barack Obama.

According to Sierra Club, Mair is “An epidemiological-spatial analyst with the New York State Department of Health, Mair brings more than three decades of environmental activism and over 25 years as a Sierra Club volunteer leader to his position as the Sierra Club’s first African American president.”

In other words, he’s a geographer with three decades of leftist agitating.

Senator Cruz questioned Mair about a portion of his written statement in which he said the science behind climate change and its effect on minority communities “should not be up for debate.”

Cruz asked, “I’m curious is the Sierra Club, is this a frequent practice to declare areas of science not up for debate, not up for consideration of what the evidence and data show?”

Over and over, Mair repeated the debunked “fact” that 97% of the climate change scientists believe the earth is heating up and the science is settled.

Why take the Fifth when you can just keep quoting a debunked survey of scientists from years ago? The 97 per cent” nonsense means 75 out of 77 pretty much hand-picked scientists. There are more than 75 scientists who don’t agree with the “consensus” lie.

I heard a story that back when Pythagoras was around, about 97% of the scientists said the earth was flat. Same thing when Galileo was trying to convince people the earth moved around the sun, 97% of the scientists said it wasn’t true!

Mair had to consult over and over with his brainiacs behind him on the simplest questions. When asked about the “pause”, he said it referred to a period in the 1940s and didn’t seem to know it’s being used to refer to the last 18 years we’ve experienced without global warming.

Why is he even testifying? He’s a leftist actor with no knowledge of the subject he was testifying about. They say they’re experts because they starred in a movie about Mars or whatever. This man is as clueless as Matt Damon would be.

This Mr. Mair is black and is concerned about minorities suffering under this pretend global warming but Sen. Cruz pointed out that the Obama regulations will cost 10 million jobs, many of which would go to minorities. How ironic!


We have a clip of Mr. Mair at the end of the hearing.



  1. The global warming alarmists demonstrate to me by their behavior and irrational handling of the data that they are knowingly perpetrating a fraud.

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