Don’t Cry For Me America

Argentine sqatters
Argentine squatters outside the Captiol

Please listen to the video first. It’s not long but it might make you cry for Argentina and for the U.S.

By Capt Joseph R. John

By clicking on the link below, you will be able to view a message about what happened to Argentina that Congressman Barry M. Goldwater Jr, the Co-Founder and Board of Directors member of the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC, would like every American Citizen to view.

In the early 20th Century Argentina, like the United States is today, was one of the richest and most economically developed countries in the world.

“Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” was composed in 1976 for the musical “Evita”. It was composed in the same year that the United States was celebrating 200 years of individual freedom and economic prosperity because of the success of the free enterprise system.

In 1976, while the US was celebrating, Argentina was in the throes of a civil war, whose seeds of destruction had been planted by Socialists and Progressives who had come to power in Argentina and changed their Free Enterprise System into a Socialist Welfare State.

By 2001, Argentina had a turbulent economic, social, and political crisis that resulted in an extended and severe depression, unsustainable international indebtedness, an unprecedented bank run, and the collapse of its economy.

Like the United States is today, in 1902, Argentina was in a dominant position among the industrial nations of the world and was blessed with an abundance of natural resources.

Eventually the Progressives and Socialists took control of the government of Argentina; they increased taxes every year to unacceptable levels like current U.S. tax policies do today, and they over-taxed the wealthy.

They treated successful business leaders in Argentina oppressively – just like Obama and Hillary are aggressively doing in the U.S. today.

Argentina provided massive welfare programs for non-working members of society like the Socialists and Progressives in the Obama administration are doing in the U.S. today.

Socialists in Argentina provided Socialized medical care for millions of people who did not work and it drove the government’s cost of medical care to unacceptable levels.

Progressives in Argentina approved union and government pension plans that were excessive and could no longer be funded like state and federal government retirement programs in the U.S. today.

Argentina had to borrow billions of dollars each year to fund their Progressive and Socialist programs like the Obama administration has been doing for nearly 7 years, and Argentina’s Progressive and Socialist programs eventually drove the country into such massive national debt that Argentina could no longer repay even the interest on the national debt which exceeded the Gross National Product.

Today, 100 years after it was an economic powerhouse, Argentina is poverty stricken and its economy is in shambles. Obama and Hillary are promoting the same type of Socialist and Progressive welfare programs that will take the United States down the same road to poverty and bankruptcy that Argentina traveled.

Because of Obama’s tax and spend Progressive and Socialist policies, the U.S. is debt-laden with $19 trillion in debt and has never recovered from the economic downturn 7 years ago.

The Republic has been saddled with Obama’s failed economy, is forecasted to grow at less than 2% per year, and has a real unemployment rate of 9% with 104 million unemployed Americans, with tens of millions of Americans who have stopped searching for employment, and with nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps.

The out of control national debt funded in large part by China will be driven to over $20+ trillion by the end of Obama’s term in office (but the momentum of Obama’s failed economic policies will drive the national debt to exceed $22 trillion for several years after Obama leaves office). Obama is not solely responsible, the irresponsible lack of leadership on fiscal policy issues by the Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle is also to blame.

Each year Congress ignores the fraud, waste and abuse in a bloated and out of control federal bureaucracy, and instead of reining in the out of control spending, they raise the national debt ceiling year after year.

The U.S. economy, like Argentina’s economy 100 years ago, has been undercut by Obama’s tax and spend Socialist policies, by the Progressive unsustainable welfare programs for illegal immigrants and people who game the unemployment programs, and by the Socialist members of Congress who promote open borders and sanctuary cities.

Those are the Progressive and Socialist policies that have opened the Republic to rampant criminal activity by convicted illegal alien felons, while at the same time having planted the seeds for future terrorist attacks by allowing Radical Islamic Terrorists to enter the U.S. thru the U.N. Moslem only Refugee Resettlement Program without checking the refugee backgrounds for terrorist ties.

At the same time, Obama’s open borders policy is allowing Radical Islamic Terrorists to simply walk across the wide open southern border.

Business as usual by politicians in Washington is being rejected by very frustrated American voters; 45% of the electorate are supporting individuals running for president who have never been elected to any political office.

The video explains how Argentina’s Free Enterprise System was destroyed by Socialist and Progressive politicians who took control of the government of Argentina. We encourage you to forward the video to those associates in your address book who care about the viability of the United States’ Free Enterprise System that built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind, and those who care about the individual freedoms guaranteed to American citizens by the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution and the Free Enterprise System have been under relentless assault by Socialists and Progressives in Congress and in the Obama administration for nearly 7 years.

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