Don’t Ever Use the “M” Word


We can’t use the word “midget” any longer. It’s not PC. We now have a kind of Sharia’h law for pickles.

Cains and DelMonte Pickles have a product of smaller pickles called midgets. A Minnesota mom whose child is a little person, was offended. She blogged about it and made a YouTube video about how offensive it is. She contacted the company – Gedney – and the company caved. They said that using the word “midget” was too politically incorrect.

I will never buy pickles from this company.


The pickle maker thinks they are “doing the right thing” by eliminating the right to use the word “midget” What words will be banned next? “Midget,” a perfectly acceptable word. No one called her child a midget.

This mom needs to be educated on the 1st Amendment.

Do you still think you have free speech?

This is her video:

Full story at NorthIowaToday

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