Don’t Ignore the Revolution



It’s clear that there is a leftist revolution in the Democrat party with the communists and socialists taking control but the revolution in the Republican party is perhaps more dramatic because it’s an existential threat to the party itself.

The GOP has pushed Dole, McCain and Romney at the expense of winning the presidential elections. The party has suffered humiliating defeats against a Marxist in the last two elections. Now they face a corrupt woman under FBI investigation and they might not be able to defeat her. The brand is weak. Their plotting is obvious and their desperation palpable. When they could have done something, they did lay down in surrender.

They are talking brokered convention and they best be very careful.

Some have come out in strong opposition to any shenanigans by the establishment.

Judge Jeanine is supporting Donald Trump and sees him as the only candidate who can win. She warned the GOP establishment they had better not interfere with the peoples’ will because this is a political revolution.

Where I differ from the judge is that it’s not clear at all that it is the will of the people. Trump has an average of about 38% of the GOP party member votes. That isn’t a majority and the other members count as well. It’s not at all a sure thing that people want Trump and it will probably go to the convention. If the GOP plays fair, it might work out.

The former New York prosecutor is correct when she says much of what the establishment does is to protect their cushy little jobs and the fact is that if Hillary is elected nothing changes for them but it will change if Trump or Cruz win.

The judge is also correct when she says these riots and protests long preceded Trump. They are the same people who launched Occupy and Ferguson and they have the blessing of the president. This is his Alinsky-style get out the vote tactic.

If the convention chooses between the two top candidates, that will be one thing, but if they try to put Kasich or someone else in, they will see a revolt like they have never before seen.

Lou Dobbs eviscerated the Republican establishment, especially Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. Remember when Ryan said it was “ridiculous to even discuss a contested convention”? No more! He says it is now likely going to happen.

Dobbs called out Romney for his cynicism and labeled him an embarrassment.

In fairness, the GOP are worried about Trump and they think he will destroy their chance to keep the Senate. They see him as unable to win.

Republicans met or are meeting in Palm Beach to plot. Dobbs said they are a “sad bunch indeed.”

Dobbs quoted from Bryant McGill: On the fools who think they’re all that and who expect we mere mortals should avert our eyes from the blinding rays of their stunning brilliance, “The world is not fair, often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places.”

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