Don’t Let Bin Laden Win, Support Climate Change Says Lewis Black



Lewis Black of The Daily Show is a purveyor of vicious ‘humorous’ commentary aimed mostly at Republican politicians. He has felt the desperation of the most hysterical of the climate hysterics and is now saying anti-climate change people have adopted their views because of Osama bin Laden!

A stretch even for him?

“Obama hunted him down, stabbed him in the face, and then threw his corpse into the ocean! You know! Friends stuff! Listen! Listen, you numbnuts! Just because Obama and bin Laden both want to stop climate change, that doesn’t make them buddies! Guess what? I’m a [bleep] painter, but that doesn’t make me friends with Hitler! You know?

This whole climate change issue makes one thing very clear. Bin Laden wasn’t just any old douchebag terrorist, he was a douchebag terrorist mastermind. He knew if he stood up for fixing climate change, then Americans would be anti-climate change, and then climate change would destroy America! It’s his final plot against us!

Nice try, bin Laden! You think we’re that stupid? So listen to me, climate change deniers! Either get on board with fixing this, or the terrorists win! Trevor?”

The commie climate change movement marches on with humor.

His audience finds these jokes to be hysterical.


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