Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up to be Cry Baby, Sore Loser Dems


obama sore loser

For years Democrat pols have been meddling in, and pontificating about, how Americans raise their children. Initially they looked to influence kids by passing laws granting themselves more and more power over schools.   But simply butting in on local curriculum decisions did not satisfy the left’s appetite for control. That taste only fueled further cravings.

Now their legislative mandates have been expanded to include; determining acceptable playground games, banning “finger pistols”, selection of cafeteria food, and managing discipline. The latter mentioned is a newbie, and considering the Democrat’s petulant, childlike, bullying behavior before, during and after the Israeli elections….most relevant.

It’s relevant because our U.S. Department of Education has been putting big time pressure on districts to deal with just these kinds of anti-social behaviors by putting offenders in a “talking circle”.

“A Talking Circle can be part of restorative justice when used as an alternative to traditional suspensions and expulsions. To begin, invite students who have been involved in a conflict at school to participate in the Circle. In this confidential process, students can invite an ally to attend. As the Circle progresses, the students are welcomed to speak openly about their experiences, as well as to seek support and plan action steps to repair the harm done. All in all, the Circle space is about accountability to one’s community.”

Is this not a perfect venue for community organizer turned leader of the free world, Barack Obama? Imagine the spectacle of Benjamin Netanyahu sitting cross legged across from our unrepentant, petulant president and his tearful ally, Nancy Pelosi. If she was almost brought to tears over the “offensiveness” of Bibi’s congressional speech can you imagine the howling, weeping and gnashing of teeth she suffered after his huge electoral victory? Wouldn’t we all like to be a fly on the wall in that padded room as the parties planned “action steps to repair the harm done.”

Of course the problem here is whenever Obama, Pelosi, and their Democrat ilk come out on the short end of an election they see themselves the aggrieved party. The loss can never be their fault. Voters handing them a second landslide defeat in just the last few months has changed not at all that high handed, Dem mantra.

They haven’t even managed to show the kind of common decency and good sportsmanship expected from crestfallen 8 year olds who’d just lost their “big game”. These pompous politicians couldn’t immediately come forward and respectfully offer congratulations to the victor.

So forget the latest, ridiculous, utopian, “restorative justice” gibberish. Instead, let’s restore some proper old school practices of humility graciously offered, even in the face of a huge defeat. Athletes do it all the time, under some extremely difficult, physical and emotional circumstances.

Is it too much to ask pampered, beltway bubble politicians to do the same? Is it too much to ask Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and many of their colleagues to stop acting like cry baby, sore sports?

Here’s the fix. Even if it hurts, Nancy, Barack, Harry Reid and all in their party leadership should very publicly salute the big winner, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. If this crew of Democrats cannot present our children with even this most basic example of civility, they shouldn’t bother lecturing them on anything else.

Failing their ability to do that, the morale of this story would be, don’t let your kids grow up to be infantile, sore loser Dems!

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