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Nine days before the FBI applied for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), Peter Strzok battled with a senior Justice Department official Stuart Evans who had “continued concerns” about “possible bias” of a pivotal source close to the reporting.

That source appears to be Christopher Steele.

Also, prior to the launch of the probe — that was based on “possible bias” — the actors involved all met at the White House. The White House was involved and that could be why we have seen so much of the vile John Brennan and James Clapper.

All the Bias, Let Me Count the Ways

Messages obtained exclusively by Fox News and sent between FBI lawyer and then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reveal the dissemination of two anti-Trump blog articles calling Trump a possible major threat to the security of the country. One called him Putin’s “useful idiot.”

Both articles were written by James Comey’s friend Benjamin Wittes.

Also in the texts Page forwarded to McCabe were unsolicited comments calling then-GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy a “total d**k.”

None of these texts were given to Congress because the FBI claimed it would impede their investigation.

Additionally, the ultimately successful Page application relied in part on the memos/Hillary opposition research/dossier composed by Trump-hating ex British spy Christopher Steele.

They Lied

The FBI assured the FISA court that there were other corroborating sources but did not explain that Steele worked for a firm hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her DNC.

Carter Page, whose life and career was destroyed, was never charged and is suing the DNC and others for defamation.

They also used as corroborating evidence an article they fed to Yahoo News. It came from the same data they presented. It was circular, not corroborating.


On October 12, 2016, Lisa Page wrote that Office of Intelligence came up with a “robust explanation” of the “possible bias” of the source but Stu’s concerns might be holding things up.

There were a couple more exchanges expressing their angst.


There was a White House meeting which implicates the Obama administration at the highest levels.

On Oct. 14, 2016, Page again wrote to McCabe, this time concerning a meeting with the White House. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said she wanted to attend the White House meeting hosted by the DOJ. Then-Deputy CIA Director David Cohen attended.

Strzok told Page he would reach out to Cohen before the meeting.

The FISA application eventually filed by the FBI on Oct. 21, 2016, stated, “The F.B.I. believes [Carter] Page has been the subject of targeted recruitment by the Russian government.”

It allowed them to spy on everyone he was in contact with.

Read the story and the texts at Fox News.



  1. How does this square with Barr announcing he has zero interest in investigating Hillary. She was at the center of it all, and joined at the hip to Obama and his top administration officials as you continue to pint out. And thank you for not letting this go. This rot will sink the republic. I only wish we had a military man like Noble for President.

    • They are pulling out all the stops in their bid to scuttle the Republic….they are going after the Electoral College and doing what they can to “keep the borders wide open”…No borders = NO COUNTRY !!!

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