Don’t Question the FBI and Mark Steyn Must Be a Russian Agent


Author and columnist Mark Steyn nailed it on Tucker Carlson’s show last night [see video below]. He might end up being labeled a Russian agent for his comments.

The rule of law is under assault, the civil rights of an American have been violated, and the Democrats are okay with this, Steyn said. Faith in the system is damaged, not because of a memo that was released as the media is reporting, but because of the actions of the intelligence community itself, he pointed out.

He also made note of the fact that it is odd Christopher Steele who is at the center of it all retired from MI-5 at the ripe old age of 44 and now does some work for the FBI. It’s a clear violation of our pact with the foreign intelligence agencies.

Steyn didn’t say this but I’m asking, why does a foreigner care so much who our president is and why does he have a say?

Have you heard how CBS is reporting this?

CBS News reports ignore the revelations in the memo and instead accuse the Republicans of releasing classified documents and ignoring more important business. They don’t care about the FBI violating the civil liberties of Americans and taking sides in a political contest.

They don’t care that claiming the memo is a classified document is a provable lie.

Nothing in the memo is classified. It simply lists facts. CBS has presented the memo as the cause of the break down of trust in our so-called esteemed institutions. Ironically, it is the FBI itself that has broken down the trust but you won’t hear that on CBS.

The only thing interesting to them was the FISA warrant was renewed three times, proving the FBI had evidence, according to their reporting. They also presented the Democrats’ dishonest talking points as the clear takeaway.

This is what CBS online reported on February 6:

2 memos later, a House Committee fractures and appears to lose its way

For the second week in a row, members of the House Intelligence Committee gathered at 5 p.m. on a Monday — putting aside the routine Committee business of getting briefed on the world’s most pressing security threats — to debate the value of publicly releasing a classified document on alleged surveillance abuses by the nation’s top law enforcement agency.

And more than three weeks after the GOP memo controversy first began to percolate, one question increasingly posed, both by observers of the committee and by its own members, seems to be: what good did releasing the memos do?

The rest of the article elaborated on the committee not doing their job but, don’t worry, Adam Schiff is hopeful.

This is the Alinsky Media. It’s Pravda and it’s hard to know how we survive with a corrupt media and corrupt intelligence agencies. Eight years of a Marxist in the White House accelerated the damage to our rule of law.

They ignore the criminal referral completely

Furthermore, THERE IS NO MENTION AT CBS ONLINE OF THE CRIMINAL REFERRAL RELEASED BY THE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE. In that heavily redacted referral, what is clear is there was a convoluted plot involving Christopher Steele who appears to have lied under oath.

A Clinton ally fed opposition research from a foreign source to the State Department who gave it to Steele who wrote the second dossier with that information. Throughout it all, Steele was in close contact with the FBI.

The foreign source is reportedly the Russians. The ally is said to be Clinton “political fixer” Cody Shearer and the State Department official is believed to be Jon Winer.

The media has no interest in that whatsoever.

Questioning our corrupt government is treason

If you ask questions, you are a Russian agent. Take Tucker for example.

Mark Steyn put it all in context with his usual good humor and like few others can do as well.

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