Dopes? Antifa Beat Up Another Antifa Because He Looked Like a Neo-Nazi


Here is more proof that Antifa are incredible jerks.

On Saturday, some of the anarcho-communist Antifa accidentally beat up a fellow Antifa because they thought he was a “neo-Nazi”. A neo-Nazi is anyone who doesn’t agree with them, including conservatives, libertarians, republicans, and classical liberals, as they have said.

Antifa were protesting free speech in Boston at the time.

“This anti-white nationalist protester was punched in the face after being mistaken for a neo-Nazi in Boston,” reads a Facebook post from Fusion.

“Do not hit someone that you assume is a neo-Nazi. You cannot do that,” said one protester. “He’s on our side!”

At least she has the Constitution down pat – only beat up people you disagree with. That must be under the First Amendment.

A reporter asked the victim, if he was going to stick around and, inexplicably, he said, “I’m not exactly sure right now.”

Here’s a hint buddy – they’re idiots, they could beat you up again. What Antifa don’t have in brainpower, they make up for in violence and abuse of others.

The only thing crazier are Twitter’s rules. Can’t figure them out!

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