Dopey Keith Ellison Sings, Strums Guitar for Lost Jobs


Keith Ellison is celebrating the $15 an hour minimum wage in song. He’s rejoicing over the lost jobs that will follow. Watch the fool sing away as he plays his guitar. “He wants money, that’s what he wants”, like all Socialists. He wants our money and our stuff.

It’s not a hard concept to grasp. If you raise the salary on these low-level jobs, some employers will go out of business and still others will cut staff.

Look at what just happened in Seattle. Even with proof, Democrats are insisting it’s not true. Raising the minimum wage didn’t cost jobs according to them.

Ideology trumps reality for Democrats

It would be great if they were correct but they’re not.

They choose to ignore the obvious. It’s obvious to those with common sense. We’re not opposed to a minimum wage but $15 an hour is meant to mimic their living wage theory. In what world is $15 an hour a living wage?

These burger-slinging jobs are temporary and part-time jobs for kids or they’re second jobs. When did they become career paths?

Finally, we think they should raise the minimum wage to $50 an hour so doctors have a new career path after Democrats get finished ruining their career.

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