Dorner Likely Deceased – Update

Chris Dorner
Chris Dorner

Update: Dorner died from a single gunshot to the head. It was self-inflicted. The shot was heard as tear gas canisters were thrown into the cabin where he was held up.

Update: Neal Barton, news director for NBC Texas, tweeted, “We have confirmation from the Los Angeles Police Department the ex-cop from LA was shot and killed by a local sheriff’s department sniper.”

They attempted to force him out with tear gas and had no other choice.

This has not been confirmed.

Update: The cabin Dorner is held up in is completely engulfed in fire. The police shot tear gas into the cabin and then a shot was heard within the cabin. Ammunition is heard exploding in the cabin.

Update: One of the deputies wounded in the first assault has died and the other is in critical condition. The wife of the officer who died has only recently given birth.

Report from earlier today: Earlier this afternoon, spree killer Christopher Dorner tied up an elderly couple of women in their cabin in the San Bernadino mountains, walked down the road, and reportedly stole a truck. The owner of the truck was told to get out and left unharmed.

One person in the cabin called police.

California Fish & Game spotted the truck and were the first to exchange fire. No one was hurt in the first exchange.

Another round of fire resulted in two deputies being wounded and at least one was airlifted to the hospital.

Dorner, if it is Dorner, is in a cabin surrounded by police and exchanging gunfire.

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