Dossier Was Used to Obtain FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump Campaign


Was the dossier used to obtain a FISA warrant? Looks like it and this use exposes a level of corruption and politicization of the FBI we have not seen.

The dossier was used at least in part or in large part to gain a FISA warrant to spy on members of the Trump campaign, according to sources of Sean Hannity’s and Sarah Carter’s. This appears to have confirmed as much as he is allowed to confirm, by Rep. Meadows and also by Rep. Jordan.

Keep in mind that the only part of the dossier that was confirmed as fact was Carter Page traveled to Russia, something Page would have gladly told the FBI had they asked.

Mark Meadows isn’t free to confirm but he said there is a growing body of members who believe the dossier was used as a significant part of obtaining the dossier.

Why was Clinton opposition research used to spy on her opposition in the election?

Jim Jordan called for all the evidence to be released.

Rep. Meadows said some of the things that are coming out are “unbelievable” in terms of the abuse of FISA it reveals.

If all this is true, the FBI was used as a political tool to undermine or destroy then-candidate, now-President of the United States.



  1. The entire set of scandals is interesting. But we are too embroiled in the specifics. A better focus would be on purging the corrupt people in charge of the DOJ, including Sessions, and to start prosecuting.

  2. When you have both an Attorney General and a Director of the FBI both of whom were appointed by a Republican President of the United States, AND WHO REFUSE TO RELEASE EVIDENCE OF CRIMES TO CONGRESS, WHO HAS BY THE U.S. CONSTITUTION BEEN CHARGED WITH OVERSEEING THE FBI, ……..HOUSTON , YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.
    President Trump needs to issue a direct order to the FBI and to the Attorney General to release any and all evidence of this illegal Dossier” to Congress, and if they disobey the order , then fire them, and find someone who can enforce the LAW. Simple as that, folks. Appoint a special counsel/investigator to investigate Mueller’s actions in covering up the NUMEROUS criminal acts to cover up other criminal acts involved in the “THEFT” VIA PAYOFFS TO THE CLINTONS/CLINTON SLUSH FUND to give 20% of our Uranium to Russia.
    COLLUSION???? COLLUSION????, COLLUSION??? Are you shitting me, folks? It is called sedition.

  3. subversion and espionage. sedition is a good one also…Hillary’s folks was breaking laws on top of laws and she didnt know anything about it…no way in hell could she not have known and you always go after the biggest dog. you get the boss and the rest will fall in line when you start down the line to charge with crimes. they will rat her out in a heartbeat cause they have nothing to lose as this point…except hillarys hit man.

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