Double Jeopardy! Judge Throws Out Paul Manafort’s State Fraud Charges


A New York judge just dismissed an indictment against Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager, citing double jeopardy laws.

Manafort, 70, was previously convicted — with a vengeance — in two federal cases earlier this year.

After the ruling came down, Manafort’s attorney, Todd Blanche said, “We have said since the day this indictment was made public that it was politically motivated and violated New York’s statutory double jeopardy law.” [Which NY wants to change]

“We thank Judge Wiley for his careful consideration of our motion and his thoughtful opinion dismissing the charges against Mr. Manafort.”

“This indictment should never have been brought, and today’s decision is a stark reminder that the law and justice should always prevail over politically-motivated actions.”

Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr, a leftist whore, and will appeal.

Vance is a weak actor who does whatever the bosses tell him to do.

The NYC drone charged Paul Manafort with 16 crimes in March of this year and they were the same crimes the federal government charged him with committing. We aren’t saying he should get away with his crimes, but should he pay with twice as long a sentence at age 70? This effort was to counteract any effort by the President to pardon him.

Some of the 16 crimes were just tied to one crime. He was over-charged. Forgetting that — since people do have to pay for their crimes — the fact is that double jeopardy is an important legal precedent in our Republic and we mustn’t let it slip away over one prosecutor on a mission of revenge or for any reason.

Justice Thomas has spoken out against these cases brought by states that include the same charges as the federal government charges. He calls it double jeopardy as well. He has railed against the precedent it sets.

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Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
4 years ago

All cases coming out of the corrupt fisa request should be thrown out.