Doug Collins Explains the Trump Impeachment-Kangaroo Court


The representative from Georgia, Doug Collins, is an American hero. He has been outspoken in explaining what these hearings are meant to do.

Ranking member Collins discussed the specific strategy behind the Pelosi-Schiff-Lawfare impeachment effort with Maria Bartiromo.

Collins explains why Adam Schiff is holding hearings behind closed doors. They want to be able to selectively leak out information that supports the Democrat narrative of impeachment, while also hiding the evidence that refutes the false foundation on which it is built.

This is so true:

Rep. Mark Meadows, one of the leaders in exposing the corruption in government spoke with Maria Bartiromo. Meadows discusses what he knows of the documents provided to Inspector General Horowitz for his pending release of the FISA investigation. Meadows predicts the IG report will be a “scathing rebuke” of the FBI; however, Meadows also predicts the accountability aspect will only end with recommendations for FISA process changes.

We predict that too. Every report Horowitz does whitewashes the culprits in the conclusion.



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