Doug Jones Defended Vicious KKK-Holocaust Denier-Tied Lunatic, Set Him Loose


Progressive candidate for the Senate Doug Jones once defended a man in court with ties to the Klu Klux Klan and Holocaust deniers, which certainly puts a dent in his civil rights image.

Former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones is running against Republican candidate Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate seat, which was long occupied by now-U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Jones has a good chance of taking the seat to begin the state’s decline into Progressivism. His dream is to transform Alabama and create a “New South” with Alabama in the lead.

Moore, hated by establishment Republicans, was a shoe-in until a woman claimed he molested her when she was 14 years of age. Another six accused him of creepy dating though they were of legal age at the time and another said he touched her inappropriately in the early 1990s. Still another said he assaulted her but her story and her yearbook has been largely debunked.

Jones pretends he is a conservative Democrat and a liberal but he is actually far-left, receiving vast funds from left-wing Soros groups.

He prosecuted two KKK members more recently and that’s what he has been pushing, ignoring his extremist views on abortion, climate change, welfare, tax reform, law enforcement, you name it, which won’t be easily be sold to Christians in Alabama.

The hard-left media has been out in support of Jones.

“Man Who Put KKK Behind Bars Will Now Try To Stop Roy Moore From Reaching Senate,” wrote left-wing HuffPost. Mother Jones magazine, meanwhile, asked their readers: “He Beat the KKK. Can He Convince Alabama to Reject Bigotry Again?”

HuffPo and the Soros magazine Mother Jones are far-left. They are also liars. Moore is not a bigot.

As a private defense attorney in the 1980s, Jones defended Tom Posey, an infamous figure in the Iran-Contra scandal with ties to the KKK and the Holocaust deniers.

Jones pretends he’s a “pretty mainstream” candidate and he is if you think killing unborn babies to the moment of birth by allowing them to be partially born and then killed is “pretty mainstream”. If you think transforming Alabama into a Progressive “utopia” is a great idea, then he’s “pretty mainstream” from your perspective.

His client, Posey, was a well-known Alabama extremist activist. In 1983, he founded the Civilian Military Assistance (CMA), a paramilitary group that first provided arms and training to rebels in Nicaragua, but later expanded its activities and gained notoriety in 1986 after holding 15 illegal immigrants at gunpoint after they tried to cross the border from Mexico, the Arizona Republic reported July 8, 1986.

Jones represented Posey in 1987 amid allegations of illegal arms shipping to the Nicaraguan rebels fighting the socialist government at a time when such activity was prohibited as the U.S. was not officially at war with Nicaragua. He got off the charges thanks to Jones’ representation.

It was no secret in Alabama that the group began as an adjunct to the KKK. United Press International reported in 1986, a year before Jones defended Posey, that the CMA “is trailed by hints of shadowy connections, ranging from the CIA to the Ku Klux Klan, and members have been charged with an assortment of Latin American mischief, including gun running, drug smuggling and assassination plots.”

Jones won’t respond to Fox for an interview.

His record as a leftist on civil rights and human rights is what he’s touting. As soon as you hear ‘human rights’, you know they’re talking the language of the U.N. not the U.S.

“Doug’s commitment to civil and human rights has been unwavering, as demonstrated by his well-documented career,” the campaign spokesperson said. “This case only involved Posey’s activities with the Contras and these charges were dismissed by a federal judge in Florida. Doug also represented Mr. Posey when he cooperated with congressional investigators.”

Yet Jones defended the most radical and evil of leaders in the ’80s. His group was a hard-line racist and anti-Semitic group.

John Matthews, a former white supremacist who was part of the CMA since 1985 and left only after becoming an FBI informant in the 1990s, told Newsweek magazine in 2011 that following the covert war in Nicaragua, he traveled the country together with Posey, meeting former Klan leaders, attending parties with the KKK and “sitting in church pews with would-be abortion-clinic bombers.”

This isn’t an unsubstantiated 40-year old accusation as in the case of Roy Moore, it’s a fact.

There are doubts about Moore’s accusers’ stories, listen to this clip:

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