Doug Ross’ Fab 50 Awards!


If you haven’t visited the director blue blogspot aka Doug Ross@Journal, it’s a great site.

Doug Ross has announced this year’s winners of the Fab 50 Awards, and they are:

Best News Portal:
Drudge Report

Best Group Blog:
Hot Air

Best Op-Ed Blog:
Right Wing News

Best Blog Portal:

Best All-Around Blogging:
Jammie Wearing Fool
Jeff Dunetz
Nice Deb
Robert Stacy McCain
Sara Noble
Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Warner Todd Huston
William Teach

Best Columnist Working in Vintage Media:
Charles Krauthammer

Best Columnist Working in Mixed Media:
Mark Steyn

Best Columnist Working in New Media:
Daniel Greenfield

Best Captive Columnist:
Kevin D. Williamson, National Review

Entrepreneur of the Year:
Michelle Malkin (for her invention and sale of Twitchy)

Best Blog Improvements:
William A. Jacobson, Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Most Innovative Blogger:
Da Tech Guy

Most Valuable Twitter Feed:
@MelissaTweets (Melissa Clouthier)

Best News Site:
CNS News
Washington Free Beacon

Best Political Site:
American Spectator

Best Public Policy Blog:
The Foundry (Heritage Foundation)

Best News Blog:
Weasel Zippers

Most Valuable Blogger:
Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit

Comeback Blogger of the Year:
Jim Hoft

Best Blogger in a Group Blog:
Moe Lane of Red State

Rookie of the Year:
Christian Mercenary

Blog Post of the Year:
“The Sun Sets on Washington D.C.”, Daniel Greenfield

Best Video Blog:
Afterburner, Bill Whittle

Best Gun Blog:
Bearing Arms
The Truth About Guns

Best Online Magazines:
City Journal
The Objective Standard

The Time-For-Choosing Award for Best Speech on Conservatism:
Bill Whittle, “The End of the Beginning”

Most Influential Political Blogger:
Erick Erickson

Best Econ Blogger:
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

Best Econ Policy Blogger:
Daniel Horowitz, RedState

Best U.S. Econ Blog:
Zero Hedge

Best Global Econ Blog:
Mike Shedlock’s Global Economic Analysis

Best Talk Radio Host Website:
The Mark Levin Show

Best Designated Blogger:
Doug Powers, for his work on

Best Investigative Journalism:
Project Veritas for its exposure of Obamacare “Navigators”

Best Investigative Reporting:
Kenric Ward, for his expose of Terry McAuliffe

Best Anti-Corruption Blog:

Best Voter Integrity Blog:
True the Vote

Best White House Coverage:
Keith Koffler of White House Dossier

Best First Lady Blog:
Michelle’s Mirror (MOTUS)

Best Blog-Ring:
The Watcher’s Council (All 2013 Council members are winners)

Best Latin American Coverage:
Fausta’s Blog

Best Legal Writer:
Andrew C. McCarthy
Hans A. von Spakovsky
J. Christian Adams

Best Firearms Blogger:
John R. Lott

Best Global Issues Writer:
Victor Davis Hanson

Best Climate Blog:
Climate Depot
Pirate’s Cove
Watts Up With That

Fabulous 50 Hall of Fame Award Winners for Lifetime Achievements
Thomas Sowell
Walter Williams

Best Cartoonist
Chris Muir, Day By Day
Stilton Jarlsberg, Hopenchange
Michael Ramirez

Best Op-Ed Page:
Investors Business Daily

Best Link Aggregator:

The Ronald Reagan Award for Best Anti-Communism Blog:

The Gold Meir Award for Best Israel Blogger:
Israel Matzav

The Geert Wilders Award for Best Anti-Jihad Blogger:
Atlas Shrugs
Gates of Vienna
The Astute Blogger
The Jawa Report

Best Media Watchdog Blog:

Best Media-Watchers:
Ed Driscoll
Noah Rothman

Best Investigative Reporter in Legacy Media:
Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News for her reporting on Operation Fast & Furious and Benghazi-gate

Best Video Site:
The Right Scoop

The Sen. John Blutarsky Award for Humorous Conservative Blogging:
Ace o’ Spades

The Daniel Simpson Day Award for Best Satirical Blog:
Duffel Blog

The Broken Lizard Award for Best Blog Implosion:
Little Green Footballs (accepting the award for LGF is The Diary of Daedalus)

The Andrew Dice Clay Award for Political Incorrectness:
Angry White Dude
Cold Fury

The Family Guy Award for Best Graphics:
The Looking Spoon
The People’s Cube

The Salvador Dali Award for Most Creative Blogging:
American Digest
Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

The Matthew Yglesias Award for the Year’s Dumbest Blogger:
Ezra Klein

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Award for Most Transparently Obvious Anti-Conservative Agenda:
David Brooks
Paul Gigot
Karl Rove
Jennifer Rubin

The Melvin Keynes Award for World’s Funniest Economist (Economedian):
Paul Krugman, as utterly exposed by historian Niall Ferguson (see Krugtron the Invincible, Part IPart II, and Part III)

As usual, we are humble here at the Sentinel and are not letting this recognition go to our heads, certainly not me.



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