Dough the Obama Dog Weighs in on Bo’s Motorcade Trip to the Vet


dough after workout


Fortunately sequester didn’t affect Obama’s dog Bo’s motorcade. [The motorcade story is not a joke by the way – read about it at the examiner]

Sequester only cut White House tours, payments to doctors, and tuition to active-duty military – things like that.

The other day, Bo went to the veterinarian and he went by motorcade. [That’s true, I kid you not] It is a great use of our tax money.

Unfortunately, Obama’s overweight Dog – Dough – does not have it as good. Michelle has had Dough on a snap pea diet for weeks and he has lost only 40 pounds. Michelle added a strict exercise regimen and part of that requires him to run to his vet appointments.

We caught up with him on his way to the diner where he sneaks off to have deluxe cheeseburgers and fries. We asked him how he feels about the disparate treatment between him and Bo.

We can’t repeat everything he said because it was censored but let it suffice to say that he doesn’t think much of Michelle’s views on social dog justice.

He filed a complaint with the Labor Department and immediately after filing that complaint, he received a letter from the IRS saying he was being audited. Then the FBI paid him a visit and took his gun away. He was told that he was not being PC enough and he has to stay behind an electric fence most of the day.

The good news is Dough put in a FOIA request for Bo’s expenses and hopes to do an exposé on that soon.

Dough was kind enough to share a photo of Bo after his motorcade visit to the hair salon.


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