Dr. Afridi’s Family Is Left to Fend for Themselves

Jamil Afridi at Press Conference

Dr. Shakil Afridi helped the CIA in Pakistan. Because of the information he gave us, we were able to find and kill Osama bin Laden. Dr. Afridi’s reward was to be left to fend for himself.

He has been missing for the past year and, according to his brother, Jamil Afridi, he has been tortured and is now being held in 6′ by 4′ cell.

The information we are getting from the White House has been relayed by spokesperson, Jay Carney, who said –

“We continue to see no basis for Dr. Afridi to be held. I think it’s an important point that any assistance rendered by anyone in the effort to bring Osama bin Laden to justice was assistance not against Pakistan, but against al-Qaida and against Osama bin Laden…

…We’ve raised the issue with the Pakistani government, and we continue to have conversations with them about it.”

Wow, could the response be any weaker?

If we are indeed engaging in secret negotiations with Pakistan, why are leaving Dr. Afridi’s brother and the rest of his family to fend for themselves? Why weren’t all of them brought to the United States a year ago?

Thirty of Dr. Afridi’s family are seeking asylum in the United States. They are also asking for lawyers for Dr. Afridi. Why aren’t we doing this immediately? We should send SEAL Team 6 into Pakistan again to get Dr. Afridi and his family out. Now that would be a gutsy move by Obama.

Jamil Afridi said this to Fox News –

“The blame has been placed on my brother because of America. We are facing a tough time and they should now support us. We should get justice and protection,” he told Fox News. “Me, my brother, my family don’t have any protection here. When I leave from this place, I don’t know what might happen to me. I don’t know in which guise someone might come for us. I am afraid of the government agencies, the Taliban and terrorists.”

Let’s make sure our betrayal of the Afridi family is included in the movie about Osama bin Laden.

This family needs to be brought here at once and we need to hire lawyers as Jamil Afridi asked. The token $33 million in aid that we withheld is meaningless.

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