Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC: This Is America! We Are Free!


Dr Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson knew he could be a doctor: Because he lived in the land of opportunity; he had a mother who didn’t take excuses; and he believed in God.

He said as he travels in the country, people are impressed when they hear him because they are finding out that someone else has common sense. The good news is the majority of people have common sense, Carson said. The problem is they have been beaten into submission. Saul Alinsky rules are about having the majority being made to believe the way they think is the only right way to think – PC police and all. They co-opt the media and they are ahead of the game.

Political people are ideologues and the only ones who can stop them are the people.

He said he hates political correctness and he will defy the PC police.

ObamaCare is the most massive shift of power into the hands of the government that has ever happened. We must put the power back in the hands of the people.

Saul Alinsky says to never have a conversation with your adversary, that will legitimize them. Dr. Carson won’t be silenced.

He said that there will be a new black conservative magazine, that will be offered through the Washington Times. He wants to reach the young.

He talked about our exceptionalism, tyranny, and the U.S. soldiers who changed the course of the world.

Why did our soldiers storm the beaches of Normandy? To allow our leaders to pick and choose winners and losers?

He offered solutions during this speech. It was great.

Listen, it’s inspiring to hear him speak:

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