Dr. Ben Carson gives the PERFECT response to a nasty Ilhan


The attacks on HUD Secretary Ben Carson during this week’s hearing about housing for illegal aliens were vicious. The Democrats called his decision to evict illegal aliens and give the housing to poor Americans, “despicable.”

They mocked him and tried to set him up, but he is clearly following the law. If they don’t like it, they can pass a new law. But, for now, citizens get the housing and it’s illegal to put illegal aliens in subsidized housing.

Illegal aliens have been exploiting a loophole to get the housing. Dr. Carson will properly interpret the law and they will have six months to leave.

Freshman congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, a little commie friend of commie Ilhan, tore into him, first offering false flattery, and then trying to pin him into a corner.

He dodged artfully.

Disrespectful Ilhan Omar, never letting an opportunity to be nasty pass her by, jumped into the fray afterward.

Dr. Carson then gave a perfect response.

He discussed it with Tucker Carlson.

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