Dr. Ben Carson, The Quiet Man


The establishment Republicans running for office are clueless as to why they can’t pick up momentum the way Donald Trump and Ben Carson have. They are out of touch with their constituency.

Illegal immigration which is destined to forever change our country is a top concern as are government corruption and economic issues, especially jobs. Americans don’t want worldwide regulations disguised as trade deals and they want the truth. They see the government as dishonest. Trump and Carson appear honest and people believe they will do what they say they will do.

Where are the Republican candidates when testimony like that in the video below is given. Why aren’t they railing against Obama’s lawlessness instead of agreeing with him that not having a new immigration law is the cause of his lawlessness. Why aren’t they demanding we follow the laws we have first?

There are “bodies everywhere on the border” and as they near the border, the cartels intercept them, charge them and tell them where they can cross. That is according to testimony of a border agent. Thousands are crossing our borders and criminals have free entrée. The president has tried to bully the Congress into passing amnesty and failing that, he has refused to enforce the laws we have. The border is not secured.

We must have a president who secures the border. Hillary Clinton has promised to go much further than Barack Obama violating the law by Fiat. If Hillary wins, expect the country to become unrecognizable.

Dr. Ben Carson is a strong contender in the Republican primary and people need to know where he stands on immigration and all the issues that will save or destroy the country.

Dr. Benjamin Carson
Dr. Benjamin Carson

Dr. Carson was on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning and Beck asked him to present his platform with one word answers. He had to use phrases, but here are some. You can listen to the interview on the video below.

Dr. Carson wants a wall built but he wants it done the right way with a double wall. He believes in deporting illegal immigrants but if they have spotless records they can stay as guest workers but they don’t become citizens and they won’t vote,

English needs to be the language of the nation; drugs flowing in across the border need to be stopped; the Iraq war was a mistake, we need a stabilizing force in the Middle East and the longer we wait, the bigger the force will have to be, he doesn’t believe in a PC war that requires nation building.

He supports Keystone, drilling in Anwar and off the coast. As far as climate change is concerned, climate is always changing but we have a responsibility to take care of our world and that is the real issue.

He is against Common Core and the purpose of the Department of Education needs to be changed. It could be used to monitor higher education for extreme political bias.

He does not like the UN and unless the UN changes, we should defund them.

A failure of Republicans is to reach out to some groups that don’t like them.

Obamacare needs to be replaced and repealed. Teacher’s unions are not what they were and have metastasized into something that’s not good. When asked to describe Obama in one word, he went further and said Obama does not believe in America’s values as traditional values.

He would like to eliminate the need for the IRS.

Beck asked him for his views of Edward Snowden and he said the effect was good but the way he did it was inappropriate.

Go to 01:05 on the mark to listen to the segment.

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6 years ago

I have no use for Glen Beck, but the more I hear and read of and from Carson the more I like him as a serious (and eligible) candidate for President.

Pattie Kelly
Pattie Kelly
6 years ago
Reply to  Manfred

I have been campaigning for Dr. Ben before he even decided to run. He’s a man of his word. Not like Trump who gets his information from the newspapte Dr. Ben has a general that informs him on foreign policy daily. Dr. Ben began his pediatric nero sugical department at John Hopkins Hospital a $400 million department at 33 years old. He spent 30 years of his life saving children and every day was a crisis for him. He would stand up to 24 hours on one surgery. He has traveled over 57 countries and has been swooping the nation talking to good old folks like you and me. To hear our concerns and listen to what the American people are saying. He served on the board of the Kellogg Company and Costco. He’s been to Israel twice and has done operations on our military men and women when needed. He has a scholarship fund in all 50 states (not 57 as some leaders think). What this does is honor intelligent and driven to learn students. They get the honor roll pin, a banquet dinner, a scholarship, and a trophy to put in the trophy case next to all the athletes. So now tell me this man could not run our government and give the people back their America?